Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Tuesday Thoughts And So Much More

It's Tuesday, we're in countdown mode for Thanksgiving, just finished one set of edits for an upcoming novella in May and received second edits for a Christmas antho piece.  Also just finished first draft of my Father's Day piece for Rebel Ink Press and I'm running about a day behind and more than a few dollars short.

If you'd like to check out my Tuesday Tale this week it's here - I set up a brand new blog just for that so please feel free to visit, read, and follow:

Seanachie Stories: Tuesday Tales And More

Here's the opening lines:
            He left without word or warning beyond the troubled face he’d worn for weeks.  She’d known something was wrong.  Impossible to share a bed with someone and not know when he didn’t sleep or when he stared at the ceiling through the night and if he thought she missed the signs, she hadn’t. 

This is an idea I'm cooking for a possible WIP in the future.

Now back to the salt mines, kiddies....check out my Tuesday Tales and all the others here:

Later this week...I'm on the TRS Blue blog tomorrow, the  main TRS Blog on Wednesday and up for Rebel Reasoning on Thursday!

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