Thursday, November 3, 2011

Thursday Thirteen: If Wishes Were Horses Beggars Would Ride

Thursday's rolled around again and I'm up long before daylight again so my list this week becomes wishes, things I wish I could have or could happen.  That reminds me of the old adage "if wishes were horses, beggars would ride" although at this point, forget the horses, let's update and drive.  Which leads me to the first of my thirteen wishes, which as usual are in no particular order of importance...

1. I'd love to replace my aging, worn Buick Park Avenue.  I still like the car and it's been a great one but it's old and all but falling apart.  But since I have this quirky little thing about buying my cars outright (I'm proud to say I haven't had a car payment since I married 17 years ago) I'm at least six months away from even thinking seriously about it unless some unexpected windfall lands in my lap.

2. I woke up this morning to the sound of wind and rain, blustery weather, the kind that brings to mind the wuthering wind in Wuthering Heights.  Most of my life, dating back at least into grade school, I love to sleep in on rainy, dark mornings but very seldom can.  I always have to get up for some commitment - first for my own school days, later college and career, now family and my writing career. 

3. I would so love to no longer need to juggle bills, rob Peter to pay Paul, and watch the income arrive, then hit the door almost as soon as it does.  With the economy, three kids (two in high school), inflation, that pesky little "pay scale ramp down" enacted by my husband's employer over two years ago, I could use about twice the income I have.  Come on home, royalties!

4. To quote a lesser known Johnny Horton lyric, I wish heartaches were strangers - for everyone.  I always know someone experiencing some kind of heartache or heartbreak.  Being a compassionate person I feel for them and always wish I could make the hurt go away.  But in reality I can't and there's not always anything I can do to help. 

5. I wish the human animal wouldn't fight over religion, politics, race, gender, creed, or any belief.  I get so weary of seeing animosity erupt over senseless things.  My personal philosophy is to respect others and their beliefs, their ways and I wish more people felt the same way.

6. I wish I could take a long vacation and just unwind.  I have so little down times these days that I enjoy a few hours break when I get one but a true vacation would be so marvelous.

7.  I wish I had deep enough pockets to give to every good cause I support, to help anyone and everyone I know who needs assistance, to donate to worthy causes and to make a difference.  When I see things like the ill fated Kim Kardashian wedding cost millions for nothing lasting, I cringe and think of all I could do with such money.

8.  I wish I could pick and choose my neighbors.  Some I like, a few I love, and others are the never ending bane of  my existence.  But I can't - it's kind of like family.  You get what you get and there's no changing it.

9. Although I shop there when I must  because in a small town deep in "Wal-Mart country", the choices outside Wal-Mart are few and far between,  I wish the mom and pop kind of stores I grew up with could return and the giant discount retailers like Wal-Mart could go away, slink into some cheap world of darkness.  I shop at the stores owned by real people who care about the customer and are making their living whenever I can.

10.  I wish I knew at twenty-one the things I know today and could have applied the knowledge back then.  My life today would probably be better in a lot of ways if I could have.

11. I wish I had time to organize and put in order the hundreds if not thousands of books lining my basement shelves.  Maybe someday.

12.  I wish children didn't grow up so fast.  It seems like the blink of an eye since my two oldest, twins, were babies.  My daughter was driving the other day and as my white knuckles clutched the door handle, she told me to chill.  I told it's hard when it's a baby driving and she looked at me with her "Mom you are being so weird look" but last week, she still sucked her thumb and played with dolls.  Now she's driving.  Get out of here with that!

13. So if I'm wishing, I'll just wish big....I'd love to see at least one of my novels make some major best seller chart just once.

And now back to my regularly scheduled life....busy day ahead (when isn't it?)


  1. nice wish list
    happy thurs 13 - I'm an early riser too today was late for me slept tilla bout 5 a.m.

    Lady Rose,

  2. I share some of those wishes with you. Hope your wishes are granted!

  3. I hear you on neighbours. On our left, they're great. So helpful and kind. On our right? Their house is falling apart and they feed all the stray cats, etc. Awful! Happy Thursday.

  4. Excellent 13 - I can relate to almost all of them!


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