Sunday, November 27, 2011

A Scoop of Sunday: A Taste From Sing We Now of Christmas

When I was a little girl, my Pop - my grandpa - spoiled me rotten as he could.  That meant he loved to treat me with ice cream and when I spent the night with my grandparents, we always shared some ice cream before we went to bed.  It was his nightly routine and I loved taking part in it.   His favorite ice cream was rich, creamy old-fashioned vanilla and I love it too.

On Sundays, if we could we took long Sunday drives and sometimes we stopped for a sundae while we were out.  So Sunday always seems to have a sweet taste in my mouth even though it's not often I enjoy a sundae on Sunday these days.

At the end of the week my first Christmas novel Sing We Now of Christmas will be out - along with a lot of other wonderful Christmas novels - from Rebel Ink Press.  I've already received one advance review from Sizzling Hot Books!

Sing We Now of Christmas is a sweet little romance that will warm the heart of its readers and remind them what it means to have faith and hope in something other than what you can see. I recommend Sing We Now of Christmas to anyone who enjoys romances and Christmas themed stories. ...

Sing We Now of Christmas by Le Ann Sontheimer Murphy is a Christmas Romance that will warm the reader’s heart. Sing We Now of Christmas is chalked full of love, devotion, hope, and perseverance. Sing We Now of Christmas is a wonderful and delightful read.

Here's a taste from Sing We Now of Christmas:

Together they’d spent many happy hours out on the lake in that boat planning their future. On their wedding night he’d taken her out beneath the stars and they made love in the boat as it rocked gently with the waves. Anchored in this same cove, they’d lain together on the seat cushions in the bow and held each other.

"So, Mrs. Devereaux," Johnny whispered. "Are you happy?"


"You were the prettiest bride I’ve ever seen but I couldn’t wait for the wedding to be over."

"Why?" she’d asked but she knew.

"I wanted you all to myself out here," Johnny said, his hand caressing her hair with a light touch as gentle as the breeze. "I want you tonight and forever. Look at the stars."

"They’re beautiful."

"They’re magic," he breathed against her skin. "Just as enchanted as the snow was that night we met."

"That night was like a fairy tale come true," Jessica answered. "It was a night for dreams."

"So is this one, pretty girl."


"What is it?"

"Love me."

They were still nude from their earlier lovemaking and as he cinched her closer to him, she felt the heat of his body against her cooler flesh. She shivered but not from cold but anticipation. His large hands moved over her body with the capable skill of a craftsman, with the same detail and care he used when he carved little animals and flowers from wood. At his day job as a punch press operator his hands were precise and skilled. Although this was different, Jessica basked in the knowledge that he paid even more attention to her, used even greater care. She rubbed her hands over his skin, marveling at the softness of it.

Johnny’s mouth connected to hers and fit like a key to a lock or a button latched into a buttonhole. Her lips molded to his, became one with them until their kiss wasn’t just two people beneath a star flung sky but a fusion of love. Her body hearkened to his kiss, softening and stretching closer so that their bodies came together, skin to skin. They lay so close that she could hear the steady beat of his heart, feel the exhalation of his breath. Johnny’s lips transferred heat into her body and within moments, she no longer felt the cool night breezes but burned with fever, a love fever that had no cure.

She parted her lips as he took his mouth away and kissed down her chin, over her throat and across her breasts. Jessica clutched his shoulders as he reached her feminine center and when he entered her, she embraced him with everything she had, physical and emotional. They connected and locked, their love showering them with an explosion of passionate pleasure that

consumed them with rejoicing. And afterward they curled up beneath a blanket there on the cushions, tucked away in the almost hidden inlet and slept until dawn touched the lake waters with the purest golden sunlight she’d ever seen.

Now those same waters radiated red from the emergency lights and the sounds Jessica heard weren’t the sigh of the wind or the faint splash of the lake but urgent voices bent on a somber task. The damaged boat now broke past fixing looked so forlorn and she wanted Johnny, needed him. He wasn’t here and even though she clung to the idea that he wasn’t dead, that he couldn’t be gone from her, that he no longer existed in this physical plane, the night and the boat affected her so that she wept.

When she sobbed aloud, Tad turned to her, his face kinder than she’d ever seen it and put an arm around her. "I knew you shouldn’t have come, Jessica. Do you want me to take you back to the lake cabin?"

She shook her head. "No, I’ll stay."

Wind drifted over the lake and she shivered, cold in her shorts and thin T-shirt. Although Tad tried, she wouldn’t leave and so she sat in one of the seats in his boat wrapped in a blanket someone put around her. She clutched a cup of coffee someone else handed her but she didn’t drink it and it lost its heat. As well-meaning people searched for her missing husband while she sat and stared at the fireworks that bloomed in the skies above the water. Jessica watched the brilliant spectrum of colors light up the night, diminishing the stars as booms echoed across the inlet. Somewhere else people were having fun, drinking a cold beer or a glass of iced tea. They laughed and ate hamburgers and sat together, hands linked. Little kids waved sparklers and sang songs. She longed for that kind of happiness, that carefree celebration she thought she’d share with Johnny but she lacked it.

Jessica inhaled the freshness of the cypress trees on the bank, the musty aroma of dirt and the clean yet fishy smell of the lake. She listened to the splash as divers went down and returned, with nothing, watched the sky darken as the fireworks faded away as the night lengthened and morning came closer.

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