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Jean Joachim's In The House - The Book of Danny, book two in her Now and Forever Series

I'd like to welcome fellow author Jean Joachim to the blog today to talk about her new release, the second book in her Now and Forever series, The Book of Danny.  

Now and Forever 2, the Book of Danny is the second in the Now and Forever series. In the first book, Now and Forever 1, a Love Story, you met Callie Richards and Mac Caldwell and watched their love story evolve. This second book is the story of Danny Maine, brother to Callie’s fiancĂ© lost in Iraq as well as the continuing story of Callie and Mac.


Danny Maine, leaves the Army after becoming an expert sharp shooter, killer and womanizer. He hopes a job teaching English at Kensington State University will propel him into a normal life.On his first day, he meets Eliza Baines, a beautiful widow, and is smitten immediately. Danny works to overcome post-traumatic stress syndrome and make a new life when his drunken and abusive father is released from prison and seeks him out. Struggling to leave his horrific past behind, Danny attempts to forge a new path that includes love, success, friends and having his own family but dark forces and emotional obstacles block his way. The Book of Danny is a poignant story of love, loss and ultimate triumph that will touch your heart.

Danny’s plight touched Eliza, wounded in the war and all alone. He seemed to be a self-sufficient man, strong, energetic and good looking, too. Eliza noticed how the green flecks in his hazel eyes danced when he smiled. She guessed his age to be around thirty, much too young for her, though she felt strongly attracted to him. Something vital and alive about this new professor crackled in the air, he exuded a power, electricity, a sensuality that grabbed her. She found herself staring at his lips and wondering what pressing hers against them would feel like.

* * * *

The party broke up around seven.

“Can I help you clean up?’ Danny asked.

“Not necessary,” she said, gathering up dirty dishes.

“I want to,” he said, picking up more dishes and bringing them into the kitchen. They spent an hour washing dishes, cleaning and straightening up.

“Are you hungry? I’m making a salad for dinner,” she asked, her warm smile and shining eyes inviting him to stay.

“Great, thanks,” he said, returning her smile before glancing again at her chest.

Together they chopped, sliced and tore up ingredients creating a tempting salad, then sat down to eat.

“I’m sort of an idiot about computers. Does the school have a special system?” he asked, passing bread to Eliza.

“We have an easy one. A professor from the computer department put together a manual, but you have to be a geek to understand it. I’d be happy to give you lessons,” she offered, her gaze straying to his perfect lips, again.

“That’s great. You may have to give me several lessons. On some things, I’m a slow learner,” he said, smiling a wicked smile.

“That could be arranged,” she said, lowering her eyes.

Jean Joachim
Sunny Days, Moonlit Nights
Now and Forever 1, a Love Story

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