Saturday, November 12, 2011

In The Shadow Of War - contract signed for my World War II historical novel!

In the small town where I live, Neosho, the real life inspiration for Campy Swampy, the setting for Mort Walker's famous Beetle Bailey comic strip is part of the local history.  Camp Crowder burst into being just before World War II  began and caused a lot of controversary because the US government used their powers of imminent domain to take the land they wanted from local farmers.  The rural folks received monetary compensation for their land but among a few, bitterness still rankles.  Although that fact is just mentioned briefly in my upcoming World War II historical romance, Camp Crowder changed Neosho forever.

As one older gentleman, now deceased, who was a business owner before, during and after World War II, told me "it was like night and day".

In my novel - accepted this week by Rebel Ink Press - In The Shadow of War young school teacher Bette Sullivan falls hard for attractive Private Benny Levy, an Irish-Jewish mix out of Flatbush, Brooklyn who's stationed at the camp.  The attraction is both mutual and deep but the couple's romance must endure the shadow of the war.   As a one time dual history and English major, I hope I captured a little of the flavor of the times and the place.

Here's the so far unofficial blurb:

Her great-granddaughter wants to know if Bette remembers World War II for a school project and her questions revive old memories….
Small town school teacher Bette Sullivan's life was interrupted when the Japanese bomb Pearl Harbor on December 7th 1941 but her world changed forever when she met Private Benny Levy, a soldier from the Flatbush neighborhood in Brooklyn, New York stationed at Camp Crowder, the local Army base.
Their attraction is immediate and mutual but as their relationship grows their love and lives are shadowed by World War II. As the future looms uncertain the couple comes together with almost desperate need and a powerful love they hope can weather anything, including the war.

In The Shadow of War is my eighth novel contract with Rebel Ink Press and my 16th overall.  It's been an amazing ride thus far!

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