Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Get Ready To Ride The Holiday Rollercoaster!

It's a Tuesday in November but it's anything but ordinary.  This may be the last sane day until 2012.  Today things are what passes for normal.  My husband's at work.  My three kids are in school and I'm writing.  Tomorrow everything changes.

No school for the kids and I'll be dividing my time between laptop and kitchen, trading a writer's pen for a chef's hat.

Tomorrow the holiday season launches with fervor and fire.

Thanksgiving Day ushers in yet more cooking, family obligations, visits and more.

Today is like riding the rollercoaster.  Right now, I'm strapped back into the little seat, safety bar in place and we're slow climbing the hill.  I know when we reach the top this thing will take off like a rocket, fast enough to make me shriek like a banshee and we're off.  I don't have any control but we're going.

I shudder to think of all the things not yet done for the upcoming holiday season.  I haven't written a single Christmas or holiday card.  No decorations as of yet and very few presents bought or even planned.

My days are busy full with writing and promoting.  I've got two releases in December plus an anthology release.   I barely have time now to sit down and read a good book so I'm wondering just how I'll manage to bake cookies, hang wreaths, decorate the tree, take the family out to see Christmas lights, drive to Oklahoma more than once, host get togethers, attend the various functions and parties of the season, wrap presents....the list wears me out just thinking about it.

But I'll manage - one way or another.

About the time I settle into the holiday groove, it'll all be over and back to ordinary time.

So for now I'm just riding the rollercoaster, hanging on for the ride because things are about to hit warp speed!

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