Friday, November 25, 2011

And So It Begins - Another Hectic, Hurried, Festive Fantastic Holiday Season

One month from will be Christmas.  Join me in a primal scream!

Thanksgiving 2011 is a piece of history now.  We have the memories and the leftovers.  But now it begins - the holiday season as it kicks off  with all the "Black Friday" sales I won't go near in reality.  I may do some cyber shopping but my few forays into the madness and mayhem of Black Friday convinced me a long time ago the deals just aren't worth the hassle.  Although the day after Thanksgiving (yes I can recall when it was not yet dubbed "Black Friday") was the day Santa Claus arrived in my hometown at the mall with all the hoopla, I also remember my grandparents griping because retailers rushed the Christmas season.

They could remember a time when the Christmas shopping season didn't begin until December 1 and their parents could recall when no one got in much of a hurry about the holidays until mid-December.  Even farther back, the stories claimed no one got into the Christmas mode until about December 22 but maybe that's a tall tale.

At any rate in our busy modern world there's no way to deny the Christmas season kicks off before the last of the turkey leftovers are gone.  Many of the events once scheduled for after Thanksgiving have already happened and more are heading our way soon.  

Add to the mix the fact I have not one but two novels out in December, my long awaited Christmas novel release Sing We Now of Christmas from Rebel Ink Press just days away and book four in my popular paranormal romance Love Covenent Series from Evernight Publishing later in December.  Love Shadows has an awesome cover and I think fans will love the continuing story.   There's also the Christmas antho coming from Evernight too...Stockings and Suspenders.

So it's upon on me, ready or not, the 2011 holiday season so I have to take a deep breath, close my eyes and jump right in!

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