Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Wicked, Wanton Wednesday - sexy excerpt from Love Knots and more!

Maybe its the weather, cool and autumn like.  The fall foliage colors are emerging here in the Ozarks and mornings are wreathed in an almost mystical mist.  Halloween awaits at the end of the month and I'm feeling, well, wicked and wanton so I thought I'd share one of my favorite little heated passages from the third Love Covenant novel, my paranormal romance series from Evernight Publishing,  Love Knots:

I rubbed against him like a cat against a favorite piece

of furniture and he turned his eyes on me long enough to grin. I felt

his heat rising and knew just exactly what we would do when we

made it to our place.

Although I could see that first hint of light at the edge of the

horizon as we pulled down the drive to park, Will lifted me into his

arms and carried me inside. He bounded up the stairs with me and I

tingled all over with anticipation of what we were about to do. No

matter how often we came together, I never got enough. I would

never say no to this amazing, sensual man.

In our bedroom, he pulled the thin sheath dress I wore off

with one swift motion and stripped away my undergarments with the

same speed. A surge of desire washed over me like flash flooding

after a heavy rain back home. I wanted him and more than that, I

wanted my senses, all of them to drown in him. A rush of cooler air

grazed my bare skin, sensitive to his touch and raised my own need to

a fever pitch. So I grasped his shirt with both hands and undid the

pearl snaps without care. He bent to kiss me and removed his pants in

the same second. Our flesh touched and I melted.

Will’s mouth sought mine with the urgent need of a growing

flower for the sun, seeking heat and sustenance. My lips answered to

fill that need and I parted them so that his tongue could enter. He

caressed the inside of my mouth, our tongues tangled into one as the

urgent desire between my legs escalated into near emergency.

His hands moved across my flesh like the wind over the

plains of Texas, strong and firm, wreaking havoc wherever they

touched. Will’s touch became a living and powerful force as he bent

low, passing over my throat and breasts to taste me where I ached to

be filled. His tongue, moments ago so sweet in my mouth, entered

me and I squealed with delight worse than a kid jumping into cold

creek water. Each thrust, every lick spiraled pleasure through me

with such intensity that I could not hold onto a single thought so I let

the sensations pour over me, savoring each.

When I thought he would enter me with his cock, ram into me

with his rod he surprised me by moving back up to tickle my throat

with his kisses. I could feel the sharp edge of his teeth as he nibbled

with such delicacy that he never broke the skin and thought I might

just pass on from this realm into another where physical pleasure was

paradise. Will clutched my breasts with his whole hand, one at a

time, squeezing with a soft touch that provoked. Then he thumbed

each nipple until they expanded, sensitive and full.

To give back as good as he gave, I stretched upward so that

my mouth suckled his nipple and I felt the frisson of pleasure that

shifted through him. Inspired by my act, his lips caressed my nipples

in tandem, going from one to the other with skill. I moaned in ecstasy

at that and when I could move through the spirals of bliss that echoed

through my body, I ran the flat of my hand down his abdomen slow

and steady. I let my nails rake just enough to titillate before I grasped

his hard dick in my hand. I squeezed but with a gentle hand and he

grasped me.
"Love is begun by time,” Will gasped “And time qualifies the

spark and fire of it."
He gave me Shakespeare; I gave him back the Pointer Sisters,

a few lines sung in a breathless tone,

"Burn me up with fire.”

So he did. He thrust into me with all his strength, filled me

full, and brought me to that exquisite climax where we both exploded

with sensual completion. I clung to him as I came and he hugged me

into the shelter of his arms.

Somewhere outside dawn spilled over into day and sunlight

illuminated the world with golden beauty. Inside, in our bed, I

savored the only universe I needed and went to my rest, wrapped in

the arms of Will Brennan.

Book Four, Love Shadows, will be out in December from Evernight Publishing.  Book available at Evernight Publishing,, Barnes and Noble, Bookstrand, Coffee Time Romance and more!

In the meantime, look for Midnight Seduction, the new Halloween anthology filled with sexy, spooky reads including my short, "Salem".....coming October 27!

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