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Welcome author Dakotah Black, author of "Pinked"

It's my pleasure today to welcome author Dakotah Black to A Page In The Life.  Dakotah is a very talented author  - as you will see when you read the excerpt - and I'm excited to host the author of Pinked which is selling like crazy just days after release.

Let's get to know a little more about Dakotah:

Tell us a little bit about yourself?  Dakotah is the pseudonym for a another writer who happens to be a professional community association manager in real life and has seen crazy and sometimes mind boggling events that happen nestled within a community. From insane board meeting to people fighting over the littlest things – the odd stories really do occur.

Let’s start out by getting the name of your new release and what genre/category it falls into?

The new title is called Pinked – it’s the first in a series and it’s really a combination from romantic comedy to dram and a little mystery thrown in.  The Flamingo Wrangler – the second in the series is due out in January.

Can you describe your heroine in 3 words?  Ballsy, brash, intelligent

Can you describe your hero in 3 words? Capable, kind, handsome

Please finish this sentence: The best thing about be­ing an author is….. being able to tell incredible stories

Do you have a favorite object that is pertinent to your writing? Other than my computer would be satellite radio

Tell us about your own association with community associations?  Your experience must have inspired the story in “Pinked”! Oh yeah, seriously I have enough stories – some which you do see in the book, just more campy – and they would curl your hair. I’ve been in the business since 1992 and in truth, I can’t think of more opinionated or wacky people then those living in an association.

What is the biggest challenge you have faced as a writer?

Time – you never have enough of it. Because of having to market and publicize and edit etc. it’s really hard to make your day work. Doing any other kind of work in between and some days I don’t know how I do it all.

When did you first consider yourself a writer?

When I was about six or seven initially and then fourteen as I wrote several books and then real life took it away.

Where do you get your ideas for your books? Everywhere and anywhere from characters I meet to dreams I have.

Tell us about one of your sexiest habit or quality? Sexiest? I do love Victoria’s Secret and buy not only negligees from them but their sexy little dresses too.

What kind of music gets you in the mood? Usually harder rock and Goth music.

What is the one piece of advice you would want to give every aspiring writer – never give up and always read. Whether you’re reading other books, how to books, blogs etc – just continue doing it and find a few minutes every day to write something.

Where can fans and readers find you?  Right now you can contact me at  my website – which my blog is nestled into at and Pinked is at ARe, Bookstrand, Amazon & Barnes & Noble – it will be available for print at Amazon in the next few days.


 Now let's get into the blurb and excerpt (and oh yeah when you finish this, you WILL want more!)


Where community association living is dangerous to your health

When Community Association Manager Nicky French received a call about one of her communities in the middle of the night, she knew something serious was up. Finding the developer of Leopard’s Pointe impaled on the iron pool gates surrounded by a sea of inflatable pink flamingoes, Nicky was stunned to find bonfires raging and the community rejoicing. William Barrington was the brilliant designer of the upscale multi-use community, yet apparently everyone wanted him dead. And there were too many suspects to name including every single homeowner in the community and his two sons.
For rough and tumble Detective Tyler Deverall to be called to a scene of a murder in the middle of the night was nothing unusual. And given the only thing keeping the owners from partying all night long and celebrating thus hindering his investigation was Nicky French's tough stance, Tyler was intrigued.
As Nicky and Tyler set out to find the murderer, builders begin to drop like flies with each murder becoming more horrific and comical than the last. Set against the backdrop of Chesterfield County, Virginia, enter the realm (and sometimes nightmare) of one very special homeowner’s association – where living can be dangerous to your health. As Nicky and Tyler delve into the wild world of spray painted flowers, kinky sex, neon signs and a tango with the mafia, they soon learn that their understanding of humanity will never be the same. Who knew a glue gun could be such an effective murder weapon?
         In the shadowed light of the entrance sign Nicky could clearly see the shimmer of his emerald green eyes. “You have the most beautiful pair of eyes I think I’ve ever seen.” She walked directly in front of him, planting her hands on her hips.
     “Well little lady. I think you just made my night. Are you coming to join in the disco festivities tonight?”
     “I was thinking about it. Tell me, is Mick here?”
     He nodded and grinned. “You must be Nicky French.”
     “How did...” The guy is very sexy and I could see… Chastising her naughty girl thoughts Nicky blinked furiously.
     “Mick said to watch out for the prettiest little filly this side of sweet Texas and to make sure I took you straight in to the best seat in the house. And you have to be the finest looking woman that’s stepped foot in the joint tonight.”
     Nicky laughed. “Either you say that to all the girls or the room’s full of the croanies from across the street.”
     He held out his hand. “Lurch.”
     “Excuse me?”
     “I’m sorry, Darryl Connor but friends and everyone I throw out of the bar call me Lurch.”
     Nicky shook his humongous hand. The man could easily crush her without thinking. “Lovely to meet you, Lurch. Do you throw a lot of folks out of here? I heard it was a friendly little place.” She eyed two community homeowners walking toward the door.
     “Nicky. I didn’t know you came here.” The small man smiled curtly.
     Smezzly Wilkens hadn’t liked her since they had to take him to court for his overdue assessment account. While she didn’t know his friend, Nicky had seen him walking around the pool often. “I just come for the nifty little pink drinks,” She mused, giving both men attitude.
     They scuttled past her, their heads down.
     “Mick said you were a ball buster.” Lurch laughed.
     “Oh he did now?”
     “If you ask me, Mick needs a spicy little woman like you. Come on, I’ll take you inside to find him.” Lurch’s eyes twinkled.
     “I can make it on my own.” Spicy? Ball buster? Nicky had only spent time with the guy for like two hours. Her dirty little mind couldn’t help but think about satin sheets and his tall muscular body positioned over hers. Drowning her with kisses as he thrust inside her...oh boy, she was getting hot under the collar.
     “Oh no, boss man would tan my hide if I disobeyed him on this order.” Lurch smiled and held out his arm.
     She couldn’t help but notice his genuine smile under all that shaggy dark hair. He was definitely the rough and tumble type. “Well, if you insist.”
     Her ears were instantly assaulted by the wild strains of Wild Cherry as they glided into the pulsating room. The neon lights were pulsing in shades of violet and fuchsia, the color of choice for the week. She hadn’t noticed the disco ball before but there it was hanging in the middle of the now packed dance floor pumping out shards of electric glimmering lights.
     “You like the look tonight?” Lurch screamed in her ear.
     “Yeah.” For some reason Nicky was deathly afraid of what Ray would wear to the bar. As she gazed around the perimeter, she smiled. She had to say that Mick had really done a fabulous job decorating the place. Everything about it was fresh and inviting.
     “He must be in his office.” Lurch glanced around the room.
     Nicky noticed his distinctive nod toward Froggy.
     Froggy pointed up the stairs and grinned when he saw her.
     “Come on.” Lurch pressed her forward.
     Lurch followed her up the stairs and moved in front of her before she opened the door. “Boss likes surprises.”
     She wasn’t sure why she was so much of a surprise but she’d go with it. Grinning, she licked her lips playfully. She was a big girl, right? And Lurch was a good-looking guy. 
     “Hey boss man a little present for you.” Lurch shook his head, knocked on the door and opened it at the same time.
     Present? Nicky sighed.
     Lurch moved out of the way, allowing Nicky to enter.
     Mick stood slowly, locking eyes with her.
     Nicky inhaled deeply, every part of her body tingling.
    “Lordy, if I didn’t know better, I’d say you two were made for each other.” Lurch grinned.
    Nicky and Mick both gave Lurch a hostile look.
     “I’m just saying you two look hot as hades together,” Lurch said as he backed out of the door and shut it firmly.
     Hot? Oh hell yes. To say the man was a long tall drink of water was an understatement. Where he had been sexy the other night, he was positively edible tonight. With his long hair flowing behind his shoulders, the scarlet shirt accentuated the ruddy coloring of his flawless skin and dancing blue eyes. The tight black jeans couldn’t fit a tiny scrap of tissue paper in his pocket. Nicky found herself staring at his crotch. Damn it! Unused to feeling this brazenly horny, she nibbled her bottom lip to hide her nerves, envisioning him in bed. Mick. Just thinking his name made her feel treacherous.
     “Wow!” Mick froze, hands on his hips. “Present. If you’re my present then I’m going to take you home and unwrap you inch by luscious inch.” His naughty grin produced sexy dimples in his cheeks. “You look gorgeous as hell.”
     Now that was the way to say hello to a lady. Nicky was tongue tied. “ look pretty darn good yourself.” Yeah baby, you can unwrap me any time you like.
     He stepped forward and looked her up and down more than once. “Didn’t you have the big board meeting tonight?”
     “That’s why you’re having a disco night, right?”
     Mick laughed. “Guilty as charged.”
     “Yeah we had it sort of. It was...interesting.”
     He took another step and inhaled. “And you smell damn good too.” Sighing, he winked at her. “Can I buy you a drink?”
     “I’d like that.” She gave him a long look and turned around, almost bumping into the chair.
     Mick grinned and shook his fist.
     Nicky smiled seeing the reflection in the office window.

Amazon Kindle, Barnes & Noble Pubit, Bookstrand and Coffee Time Romance

Oh, and it's a series....that's right Pinked is book one of the Pinked series and Dakotah was sweet enough to share the cover for the second book with us!

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