Thursday, October 20, 2011

Thursday Thirteen: Thirteen Teaser Lines From "Witness Protection Program"

It's Thursday,  one day and counting down until Friday.  My Thursday Thirteen this week come from my new contemporary romance, Witness Protection Program (Rebel Ink Press, October 2, 2011).  So far the novel's doing well, earning a four and a half star review at Manic Readers and showing up on the bestseller lists at Bookstrand! I've had a lot of awesome comments from readers so I thought I'd share thirteen lines from the chronological order to tease potential readers into wanting more!

1.    She couldn't catch a glimpse of the gunman or determine if there was one or more.  Kendra wriggled backwards, like a snake, moving along the base of the freezer case with the idea she might reach a different position with a better view. 

2. .   His blue jeans fit his chiseled body like an outer skin and his plaid flannel shirt looked cozy.
3.Cam snorted.  “Surely Nick Bianco’s girlfriend knows better than that.”
4. That was the last thing she wanted, to spend an indefinite time cooped up with this sullen lawman in close quarters.  
5. An unreasonable desire to stroke the stray hairs that fell into his face grew with sharp awareness of his proximity.  
6.“Sure,” he leaned down so close for a moment she thought he was going to kiss her but he whispered in her ear instead.  “Arkansas.”
7.“Don’t be.   I’m here to protect you. You can count on that.”
8.“If you’re a Bossier City girl, you should know I mean Horton and Cash,” he said, shaking his head.  “They both got their starts on the Hayride, too.”
9.She savored the warmth of his mouth against hers and then he kissed her in earnest, his lips seeking an answer from hers, which she gave, heart fluttering.   
10.In a very quiet voice that didn’t reflect her terror, she said, “then I’m a dead woman.”
11.“I broke every rule I’m supposed to keep, probably mangled a few laws in the process but I wanted to know so I could do this for you."
12..  Their physical coupling became like the rush of wind through trees, carrying them together into a crescendo climax with the power and force of a thunderstorm.
13.Deborah fired just as he did, flinging herself to the hard floor as soon as she shot, shivering as his bullet cut through the air where she’d just stood.

Interested? Here's the blurb and links where you can buy it!


When a routine trip to the local discount store turns in to a gunfight,
Kendra Driscoll must face the fact that her witness protection cover is
blown and she's in federal custody until further arrangements can be made.
Tucked away in a safe house in southern Arkansas, Kendra reverts to being
Deborah Kincaid, for now.

When Timothy Campbell dodges bullets and throws Kendra Driscoll into his
van, he knows better than to mix business with pleasure. Witnesses are
off limits. Period. So why is it then that Cam finds himself impossibly
drawn to the woman he's charged to protect?

As Kendra gets to know Cam, she realizes he isn't as unyielding as he looks.
Underneath his gruff exterior, Deborah finds a kind, sensitive man and
soon, she realizes she's falling in love. And when events turn ugly and
Cam suffers a life-threatening injury, it's up to Deborah to face her
enemies and deal with the danger for the last time.

Four and a half star review rating from Manic Readers

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