Sunday, October 9, 2011

Six Sentence Sunday And A Sunday Snog From "A Time To Love"

It's Sunday so it's six sentence time again! This week's six come from my new Champagne Books release, a time travel romance.

“You’re most kind.” The inflections of a Victorian lady or the echoes of a romance novel returned to her voice. She must really believe she lived in the 1890s. Both his benevolence and confidence had been restored by the liquor.

He laughed and before he could answer, she bent and kissed him, her lips light and teasing on his mouth. The innocent caress flared the flickering flame into a blaze. He jerked backward, away from temptation.

A Time To Love Master Sheet
October 2011
ISBN # 9781926996561
Champagne Books
Time Travel romance
180 pages
73,500 words
$5.99 eBook format


Reclusive songwriter Samuel Baird lives on a remote Arkansas mountain in the Ouachita forest where he’s drinking his life away.  The last thing he wants is a woman to complicate things but during a spectacular thunderstorm a woman arrives just in time to save his life.  Annie says she’s from the late 1800’s and Samuel thinks she’s crazy.  Even so, Annie manages to gain his attention and affection.  In time she convinces him she did travel through time.  To reach a happily ever after, Samuel and Annie must overcome several obstacles both past and present.  Annie must reveal the secret she’s keeping and it’ll take a trip home to meet his family in Nashville to work out all the issues.   The couple shares joy, tragedy, and family ties along the way.
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  1. No, no, no...give into the temptation- dang him!

    Dawne P

  2. I like "both his benevolence and ..." Great six! And yeah, go temptation!

  3. Love that she's making the first move and he is reluctant. Makes me want to know why! Great six, Lee Ann, as always.

  4. Heh. I love his thought process. A bit bold of Annie to kiss him, though. Wonder what's going on in her mind? Great six!

  5. Great six, but think it is really seven. LOL. Good anyway.

  6. love's so often reversed :D great 6


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