Saturday, October 15, 2011

Sensual Saturday: A Sexy Little Snippet From "Salem" my upcoming short in Evernight's MIDNIGHT SEDUCTION anthology

It's coming soon.....MIDNIGHT SEDUCTION from Evernight Publishing....filled with sexy, spooky little tales from Evernight's talented authors.

I have a short novella within called "Salem" that I think my readers and fans will enjoy.

Just to tease and tempt in advance of the release day - which I think may be October's a hot little excerpt from my tale:

“Love me now,” I begged as I released my long hair from the combs and pins that held it in place. “Nat, I need you.”
He hesitated, but just for a second. “Don’t you want to talk about what happened?”
“Later,” I gasped.
He shed his overcoat like a snake sloughs off skin in springtime, and I ripped his shirt away, buttons flying in every direction. I heard the soft sound of each hitting the carpet, but I didn’t care.
By then, Nat’s fire matched my own. He ripped my sweater down the front with two hands, the yarn unraveling, and I stepped out of my slacks, leaving them on the floor. We went at each other like two crazy people, removing undergarments so we grabbed skin, flesh to warm flesh.
I ran my hands over his solid body, touching the scars, letting my hands spread friction as I savored the feel of him. I reached between his legs, grasped his cock in my hand, and held it tight, squeezing and caressing with just the right amount of force. He liked it. I could tell that much from his moan of pleasure.
Nat caught his fingers in my long hair and pulled me to him.  His mouth consumed me like a flash fire, burning hot and swift as he pushed my lips aside so that his tongue could enter my mouth. Tongue to tongue we shared a deeper kiss as his hands roamed over my body, kneading my breasts with the perfect touch but not enough to cause pain.  He brought his fiery lips down my throat to kiss me at the base in that delicate spot, and it evoked such a rush of desire that I caught his shoulders with both hands.
Balanced there, I wrapped my legs around his waist so that he had to take my weight, to hold me, and he did, without complaint and with grace that wasn’t lost despite the heat of our coupling. I don’t know how he did it, but he entered me, stabbed me with his proud, erect dick, and penetrated into the very heart of my womanhood. I felt his shaft as it caressed with pleasure deep inside, and I twisted against him to drive him deeper.
If he felt even half of what I did, then he was having the sensual ride of his life. Such a complete and total moment of sex it made anything else I’d ever experienced seem like nothing, a mere handshake.
It consumed me, burned me up, and reduced me to a pile of quivering ashes that held warmth even afterward.
We climbed toward the sun, reached for the stars, struggled to hit that single moment of pure paradise together, bodies smacking against one another, the sound of our joining thick and full.  I could hear the noise he made as he came and went within, working me like a needle in the hands of a skilled seamstress as he brought me closer and ever closer to bursting.
When it came, it rocked us both with power and pleasure that threatened to explode me, to take me into death and leave me there. Boneless, spineless, my flesh reduced to jelly, I quivered and came, taking him into my body where he spewed his cum into me. I was home base, he was the runner who’d made the homerun. He was the master who bent me to his will, used me as he wished. And I loved every wicked, wanton moment of it.
We reached orgasm, and it rocked us both, swayed us like we were hit by storm force winds. We toppled like an uprooted tree, too weak, too expended to keep upright, so we fell to the carpet and lay there, wrapped in each other’s arms.
This was, I knew now, where I belonged. No matter where he had been, what he might have done, or why he came to me now, Nat was my love, my soul, and my all.

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