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SATURDAY EDITION: Bewitching Trick or Treat Blog Hop - New Excerpts, Lots of Prizes!!

Welcome to the Bewitching Trick Or Treat Blog Hop!
We're back for day two with a brand new excerpt from my just released Halloween short from Silver Publishing! World Without End, Amen is out today, a wicked little read for just $1.99
It's Halloween so let's have some fun and hand out some treats!
To kick things off, I'm offering up a lot of prizes. So are all the other participating authors!
To enter my contest, just comment - and you can comment throughout all the days of the hop between Friday October 28 and midnight (the witching hour) on October 31st. At the end of the hop I'll gather up all the names, write out a slip for each comment and toss them into a hat or bowl or something. I'll let my kids draw out the names for the prizes and then I'll start contacting winners on November 1st.
My prizes will be:
2 full size tote bags with my romance author logo on them, white bags with pink lettering, each one going to a different winner
A set of all three PDF files for my Love Covenant series from Evernight Publishing (Love Tattoo, Love Scars, Love Knots)
Ebook of my newest Rebel Ink Press Release Witness Protection Program from winner's choice of All Romance Ebooks or
PDF copy of my new stand alone short from Silver Publishing, a Halloween themed tale called World Without End, Amen
A print copy of the new Halloween collection gathering awesome reviews around the cyber world from Raven Electrick - Jack-O-Spec that includes my short poignant tale, "Forty Eight Hours A Year"
a PDF Copy of the wicked and wanton new anthology from Evernight Publishing, Midnight Seduction including my story "Salem".

Be sure to scroll down to blog hop to all the other authors for more chances to win.

Each day I'll post an excerpt from one of my books. To get things started this Saturday morning, here's a taste from World Without End, Amen

The blurb:
Judith Richardson answers the doorbell, to her past: Eamon O’Hara. There is no question as she leaves everything—kids, husband—to return with him to Ireland. Things, however, aren't quite as they seem as Judith adjusts to her new reality.

The excerpt:
"Do you love me?" he asked.

Tears filled her eyes and she blinked them away, quick as if speed might conceal her emotion. Eamon shifted her position until their eyes met, his dancing black ones gazing into hers with powerful love. Then, before she could even think about stopping him, Eamon put his mouth to hers and she yielded, her body telling the truth her lips denied.
Her lips melted at his kiss, his hot mouth burning
against hers with long-repressed want. She kissed him back, letting her tongue stray between his parted lips. He kissed her deep, devouring her with his lips, his tongue penetrating her mouth until she ached for more. As Eamon ran his hands over her body, fingers straying beneath the well-faded, much-washed t-shirt she wore, Judith felt her senses awaken. His touch stirred her passion and she grew moist within. Her own hands went wild, stripping away the shirt he wore to indulge in touching his skin, the reality of his flesh beneath her fingertips erasing years of lonely hurt.

He backed her deeper into the living room, shutting the front door behind them with one well-aimed kick of his boot. Then, deft as ever, he removed her clothing so the t-shirt, jeans, bra, and panties lay in a crumpled heap on the carpet she'd vacuumed earlier. He shucked his own garments with haste. Eamon bent his head so he could kiss between her breasts, whispering love words in both Gaelic and English. His lips seared where they touched and her breath caught at the sensation. Her fingernails clawed his back and when he made small sounds of pleasure, sweet to her ears, she laughed like the girl she had been when last he made love to her.
Judith forgot her husband, let the idea of the children, a boy and girl in the ideal American family, fade to black and let Eamon consume her, body and soul. She
raked his skin and he suckled her nipples, one by one with slow, careful strokes that evoked such pleasure, she thought she might weep with it. Every cell, each atom of her body, felt the rising, tense tide that would come to shore with release. She ached for each stroke, each caress, and as he tongued her nipples into tight buds, she reached down to cup his cock in her hand.

That warm shaft hardened more at her touch and as she squeezed it gently, it lengthened, too. She adored the weight of it in her hand and as his tongue left her breasts to trail in a slow line down her belly, Judith stroked his cock until she feared he might come before they joined, so she changed tactics.
As he licked her belly just above her sweet spot, she moved forward to put her mouth around his nipples. Just as he had done, she sucked at them but she nibbled too, using just enough teeth to tantalize. His moan indicated she did it well and he liked it.
Her legs wobbled as her passion rose higher, burning like a fever within until her skin radiated heat, so sensitive each touch from his hands or mouth evoked such sensation she thought she might faint. She would have let him take her on the floor but instead, Eamon pulled her into his arms and lifted her, carrying her through the house to the den where he laid her on the old sofa there. Delicious
tingles traveled her spine and shivered through her as Judith anticipated the release coming.

"Do you want me?" Eamon asked in a brogue so sweet she wished she could taste it. "It's forever,
acushla, if you'll have me."

"I do, Eamon. Take me," Judith gasped. Her need rose until she thought she might well die if he did not enter her this moment. She lifted her hands to stroke down the sides of his body, marveling at its beauty, so lean, so muscular and still familiar. "Please."

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  1. Very hot excerpt! What a great fantasy!! Don't get me wrong , I love my family more than life it self, but after reading all the books I read, especially paranormal, how can you not think of something like this? But, then this is why I read, to get away from everyday life and find myself engaged in a world of fantasy!! Thank goodness foe books, the ultimate getaway!!

  2. What a great excerpt!! Thanks so much for a chance to win some really great prizes. (at)

  3. I must say I'm So Freaking happy I hopped over here tonight!!!!
    AWESOME excerpt!
    Thank you for such a wonderful giveaway....I will be back to snoop around you blog again :0)


  4. Happy Halloween! Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  5. Loving the hop, even if it does drive me into the poor house.

    drainbamaged.gyzmo at

  6. That's a gorgeous cover, BTW--those eyes are so compelling! I'm adding more to my TBR, LeeAnn!

    f dot chen at comcast dot net


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