Thursday, September 22, 2011

Thursday Thirteen: ThirteenThings I Wish I Could Have Or Experience

Wishing can be a dangerous proposition.  Unfulfilled wishes can haunt us and even consume us as we long for something out of reach.  My grandfather, Otto Sontheimer, who came from an area in a tough old neighborhood known as "Rabbit Shoot Alley" (because of the way residents scattered and went for cover if the police appeared), had a saying - wish in one hand and defecate in the other (he didn't use that word but another but I'll be polite) and see which gets full first - the s*** will always win.   It may be on the crude side but it's also accurate.

So for this week's Thursday Thirteen here are a baker's dozen things I would like to have or experience:

1. It is raining hard outside, a lovely sound that makes me want to go back to bed and sleep.  I have always wanted to sleep in while it rains, to just sleep and drowse in bed listening to the rain.   I never had been able to enjoy that luxury.  There was always school, work, or parental responsibilities but maybe someday.

2. I would love to just take off for an entire day, vanish into the nearest woods or down a river alone so that I could savor the beauty of nature all around me.  When I was younger, I sometimes did this for a few hours but never an entire day.

3. I would love to one day have enough money to have more than one home scattered in favorite places so that as I wished I could have my own place to stay in places I love.

4. I wish that there was a way to experience time travel so that I could meet some of  my ancestors in person and talk with them.  There are many I'd love to get to know.

5. I would love to see one of my novels made into a feature film.

6.  I so would love to own a vintage car in mint condition and mechanically sound.

7.  I would also love to own a car that doesn't have its' quirks and is totally reliable.  My cars are paid for but they're old!

8.  I'd love to be wealthy enough to play fairy godmother and do wonderful things for people without them ever learning who bought what or paid for something.

9.  I would love to crack any best seller list.

10.  I'd love to eat whatever food I want without worrying about cost, if it will make me fat or be hazardous to my health.

11.  I'd like to spend at least a month in a rented beach house on some remote and beautiful beach with all the time to play in the ocean I could ever want.

12.  I wish that someone would find a swift and speedy cure for cancer - and I wish they could have found it sooner so that the lives of people I loved could have been saved.

13. I wish I could go back to visit myself when I was twenty one and impart some wisdom, things I know now that I didn't then.


  1. Sounds like you're wishing for a little solitude! I hope you can find some time to get away - even for a few hours.

  2. I understand all of these. If you ever get to go back to your 21 year old self, could you have her drop me a line? :)

    Happy T13,

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