Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Middle Of The Week Musing

At this hump day point, Mittwoch, Friday and the weekend seems far, far away.  With too little sleep and up too early, with two cups of coffee down without much effect thus far, Wednesday could seem like a negative dot on the horizon.

After all, I have too many bills to pay, too much to do and almost no down time.

It seems seductive to just crawl back into bed and let the rain that's coming in from Oklahoma in awhile lull me into a dreamless sleep.

But I won't do that.  Once I'm up, no matter how early or in what mood or how tired, I'm up for the day.

When I straggled out to the computer this morning, there was a piece of brightness among the dreck...a five star advance review for my upcoming November release, "A Time To Love" from Champagne books.  The novel won't be out till November 3rd and this marks the earliest advance release ever but the good things that the reviewer had to say lit my early morning with the wonder of Christmas.

Maybe the coffee isn't doing the trick just yet but hope can fuel my day forward.

Here's just one little snippet from the review:

A Time To Love is a great story, with lots of neat characters, including the nasty sister-in-law. It takes skill to portray bad people in such a way as to make the reader admire how awful they actually are.
Loved the book, looking for more from Murphy.

Read the full review here:

And in other news, remember please that I have Witness Protection Program coming out on October 3 from Rebel Ink Press

And also Sing We Now of Christmas coming out on December 3, also from Rebel Ink Press

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