Saturday, September 3, 2011

Hot Six Sentences From KINFOLK now also available in paperback

The Six Sentences this week:

The lips beneath his were warm, her breath rapid and her hands
Her nails raked his back and her open legs wrapped about his torso.
“Ben.” His name was a moan on her lips, a plea. He put his mouth on
the pulse that beat in her throat and kissed her there. Her nipples blossomed
and he took one into his mouth, suckling it with a pleasure that made his legs
weak. The sounds she made fired him but he held back, running his tongue
down the curve of her belly to her moist warmth. Her legs bucked and
tightened as he plunged his tongue deep into her, the taste of her in his

contemporary romantic suspense
Publisher: Champagne Books
Publication Date: July 4, 2011
ISBN: 9781926996332
Format: eBook
Price $5.99

Now also in paperback $14.95

Word Count: 74, 143


When Katherine Vaughn flees California, she returns home to her native Arkansas, a place she barely remembers. As she settles in at the family farm with her aunt, she finds herself growing closer to her late cousin's husband, Ben Hatfield. Ben is a lot more than the country bumpkin she first takes him to be and when the men who threatened her follow her to Arkansas he will rely on his skills as a former Navy SEAL to protect her.
As their feelings toward one another grow, so does the danger and in the end, it’s anyone’s guess what will happen or if anyone will be safe.
Katherine’s life is in jeopardy as she wonders if there is any hope left in her heart.
Kinfolk is a novel about the power of love and the strength of family ties

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