Monday, September 5, 2011

From Labor Day Weekend To All Hallows Eve - the shift begins

Even though today is the official Labor Day holiday, a day set aside to honor the labor and efforts of working folks across the United States, I notice that Halloween is creeping its way into our collective conciousness already.

While out and about over the past few days, I've noticed that the Halloween seasonal items, everything from bagged candy to six foot tall skeletal ghouls and faux tombstones to decorate your front lawn is out and available.

To me, it's far too early to begin thinking about Halloween whether you call it that or All Hallows Eve or Samhain but then that maybe a little hypocritical.  While I'm not ready to prepare for the observance by buying decorations, candy that would be eaten long before the calendar reads October, I've been writing speculative and spook themed stories well in advance.

In additon to the Love Covenant series from Evernight featuring my popular Irish born vampire Will Brennan and his Texas gal Cara which falls under the umbrella of paranormal romance, I write my bit of speculative and even horror short fiction.  Someday there may be a novel emerge in that genre too.

So those who already getting into the Halloween spirit of things, I can offer up some short works that focus on the holiday.

Jack O'Spec is already out well in advance of the official release date from Raven Electrick Press.  My story "Forty Eight Hours A Year" is a rather haunting little tale about an enduring love based on an ancient Celtic belief.

Another Halloween theme anthology that includes my work will be "Midnight Seduction" coming soon from Evernight Publishing.   That collection will include my story "Salem" that combines the well known witch trials that took place in Massachusetts with a rather different story of love, deals with the devil, and the hope of redemption.

Then I have my short stand-alone release upcoming October 29 from Silver Publishing, my first with them, another intriguing and unusual love story and speculative piece based on a bit of Irish folklore called "World Without End, Amen."

So whether you'd like to get into the Halloween spirit now or wait awhile, I can offer up some reading choices to tempt, titilate and maybe even terrify!

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There's also the Love Covenant series!


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