Sunday, September 25, 2011

Evernight's Big Birthday Bash (plus Six Sentence Sunday today only)

 It's here - the Big Birthday Bash for Evernight Publishing's first birthday.  This amazing publishing has expanded with ever increasing numbers of talented authors and great reads.  I can honestly say that I have loved every single Evernight title I've read with special shout outs for Emma Short, Anna Keraleigh,  Delilah Hunt, Carolyn Rosewood, Stacey Espino, Vivian Kees....I can't list them all but you're all super!

Before we get too deep into the post, I'm going to share six sentences from my latest Evernight title, Love Knots, book three in my Love Covenant series.  And I'm really happy to share that they just accepted book 4 of the series, Love Shadows!

Here's my Six Sentences:

Suzi Quatro and Chris Norman did a song that I loved back in the late 1970’s, vintage but with lyrics I loved so I sang some of them to Will now,

Our love is alive and so it begins, foolishly laying our hearts on the table, stumbling in, our love is a flame, burning within.”

He opened his arms to me, as broad and open as the vast panorama of water, wind, and sky spread out around us and I walked into them.I came home into his embrace and all the emotion, strong and potent, welled up in me and exploded so that I wept in his arms.I sobbed not with sadness but with immeasurable joy, rich feelings too volatile to contain.He wept, too, for I felt the rain of his tears, the tremors of his body against mine.After we spent our emotions, poured them into one another, we sat down on the sand, wrapped together and listened to the wondrous night music of God

My first novel debuted with Evernight just a few months after they opened their doors and I still adore this cover:

Now I have my Love Covenant series, three books out and more to come!

Evernight is giving away great prizes on the main blog and on the other authors' sites as well.  Be sure to leave a comment (include your name and email) for gift certificates and more!  I'll give away the winner's choice of the PDF for any of my Evernight titles too!

Today's question you can answer in the comments is this:
Will Brennan is an Irish vampire, once a highwayman but where does his lady Cara Riley call home?

If you're not sure, check out the blurbs for any of my Love Covenant books over at the Evernight Publishing website here:

Come join the fun and giveaways during Evernight's Big Birthday Bash!


  1. Happy Happy Birthday *song in the voice of Marylin Monroe*
    And a fantastic snippet to celebrate with. Great work.

  2. Happy Birthday Evernight! Cara calls Texas her home (or at least I hope thats the right answer, lol)

  3. These books sound great.The answer: Texas born and bred


  4. Awesome looking books, i just became a new follower and added your books t my wishlist.

    From Love Tattoo
    "but I am what I am, Texas born and bred"

    Ronda Tutt

  5. Texas! Your books look awesome and this party is rocking! Thanks!

  6. TX is the answer and I love your series banner up there with all 3 covers. Very nice.

    Happy B'day!

    --Carlie A.

  7. Ohhhh, these books are right up my alley!!
    They sound fantastic!
    The answer to the question is Texas, born and bred!!

    Happy Birthday Evernight!!

  8. Thank you for the additional give away! I am new to the whole blog hop but am glad I started because it gave me a chance to find new authors and books I normally wouldnt have. Just this week I have added numerous groups and authors and have purchased 20 e-books alone.I am very excited to read these books on your site because they sound amazing! Happy Birthday Evernight!!! This is my number one group!!!

  9. Hi, dropping in late, but better late than never - uh?

    Your books sound awesome :) Loving the blog-hop so far...and off to read your snippets now!

    Happy Birthday to Evernight! Thanks so much for the fab giveaways!

    Definitely count me in. judimello AT gmail DOT com

  10. Texas baby!!

    Wolf's Lady was a fun read, congrats on it.


  11. Happy Birthday Everlight and the Authors!
    Congrats! I love it!
    What a wonderful fun read ! I am loving Love Knots and the other books too!
    thank you for being a part of the blog tour hop!

  12. Happy Birthday to Evernight. Am following the Blog Hop, awesome way to find new authors and/or books to put on my TBR list...yay! Answer is TX.


  13. Born and bred in Texas:)

    Thank you for participating in the giveaway!

    GFC: books4me

    books4me67 at

  14. My home state! Texas!!! Thank you!

    GFC: Cynthia Garcia


  15. Oh yeah, the answer is TEXAS!
    Thanks for the giveaway!

    gfc: reading romances

  16. Hi! She is from Texas! Love your blog, the graffiti background is cool, and Happy birthday to Evernight!
    GFC follower: June M.
    manning_j2004 at yahoo dot com

  17. Sounds so good! Shes from Texas!
    gfc- shadow_kohler


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