Monday, August 22, 2011

TUESDAY TALES - Come Join The Fun!

This is my first time out as part of Tuesday Tales but I'm excited to be joining in all the fun.  This week's prompt is "kiss" and all the links can be found here:

This little story is something I'm calling "The Deer Woman's Kiss".  For those who don't know, Deer Woman is a rather wicked Native American entity well known throughout Oklahoma and other areas.  Her kiss is not something that most men ever want to experience.......


     He sat up, banging his elbow against the spare tire, his head against the toolbox.  It was a woman’s voice, rich and soft as velvet and the sound of it was as intoxicating as the whiskey.

     “Who’s there?” he asked, peering into the night until he saw her.

     She stood at the edge of the tree line, a female silhouette with perfect breast to hip ratio.  As Wes watched, she moved toward him, gliding with grace.   Her garments shone in the starlight, her traditional elk skin ceremonial dress pale against the night.  The dress fit like skin, shimmered with beadwork and over it her black hair, loose and free, cascaded in a waterfall of darkness.

     She was beautiful.  She leaned toward him and he realized that he must have walked forward to meet her although he did not remember moving from the truck.

     She tilted her painted face, whispering,

     “Come to me, Wesley.  I am here.”

     Impaired by alcohol, he didn’t find her presence or request strange. Wesley came to her with the beat of the drums pounding in his blood, the remembered rhythms of the dance that he had not attended.  Her lips parted below him, willing and sweet, sweeter than the juice of a hundred apples or the taste of sugar.   Fires wilder than the whiskey that burned scorched his veins and he desired her, ached to claim her.

     In that moment, he did not think of Sharon or of his mother or of his two children at home but of this woman, wild and bewitching.  He extended his hand to her and she grasped it, her fingers strong for such a small woman, holding his with such force that his hand hurt.

     Wes leaned down, lips ready to press against her lips, to run his hands through her mass of hair and to own her.  His eyes feasted on her, drinking in the hair, the eyes, the mouth, and then downward toward the ultimate delight, hidden beneath her ceremonial gown.

     His mouth touched hers and his world shifted.  Dizziness whirled his head and his veins burned with unholy flames.  Unsteady, he lost his footing and fell back, staggering a few steps.   He craved more and as he squinted to find his place again, he glanced at her feet.

     He forgot her lips, staring at her feet, which lacked the hand-tooled moccasins he expected, or athletic shoes or even bare skin.  Instead, her feet were hooves, twin hooves of sharp horn and he gasped.

     Wesley backed away as a low moan rumbled up from his belly, a sound of horror, of fear, and of outrage.

     “Shit,” he shouted into the night. “It’s the Deer Woman!”

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  1. Wow...I like this a lot! I love mythology, especially the stories that aren't quite mainstream.

    So, what happens next? :)

  2. Whoa! You really had me going there. Now I have to know what comes next!


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