Thursday, August 4, 2011

Thursday Thirteen: A Baker's Dozen of Favorite Things To Do

This is my first week trying out the Thursday Thirteen but it seemed fun and I enjoyed skipping around to other blogs doing it so here I am, stepping out to give it a shot.

I thought I'd list thirteen of my favorite things to do.  Readers of any of my novels might get to know me just a little bit better if I do so here goes (and they're not in order of preference)

1.  I love to sit out on my deck beneath the stars, drinking with my husband.  It is peaceful and very relaxing.

2.  I like to go out to eat at my favorite local restaurant (Green Forest) alone when my husband is at work, my kids are in school, and take along my laptop.  I can write or edit without distraction, enjoy their awesome coffee, and have a bite to eat.  

3.  I like to read when I have a block of time when I won't be interrupted by a ringing phone, a needy kid, a equally needy husband, and just get into someone else's story.

4.  I love to cook when I have the time and when I do, I make all kinds of old-fashioned dishes and cakes and breads.  At Christmas I really make an effort and turn out all kinds of tasty treats, then I share.

5. I love to set out early in the morning headed for someplace I've never been before, excited about the prospect and eager to embrace the new, the different.

6. I love writing almost as much as I do reading because to me, writing is like reading only super intensified.

7.  I'm a night owl and I'm often up long after my family has gone to sleep, writing or reading or just playing on the internet.   I'm an early riser so overall, I don't seem to need much sleep which is good because I don't get much sleep.  But I love the nightime feel of the house all to myself, quiet and dark and almost mysterious.

8.  I like to sneak back into my hometown when no one knows I'm back, go see the places that still mean something to me, do the things that I want, and eat those hometown foods that you can't get anywhere else,

9.  I love open water whether it's a lake, a river, a creek, or the ocean.  I love to go to any of the above and sit there for hours if I can, just soaking in the power and the scenery.

10.  I like to eat ethnic foods that no one else in my family does.  I love Greek foods and no one else does.  I like Thai food and no one else does.  I like real German food and no one else does.  And the list goes on....

11.  I like to sit out on my front porch when a thunderstorm is rolling in and watch the clouds.  It's an old family tradition that dates back to my Granny's porch and I'm not the only one who still does it.

12.  On fire feasts (like Samhain Eve or Halloween) I love to build a bonfire and do ancient things while I stare into the flames.

13.  I love to go to rummage sales and flea markets, most of all when I find some incredible bargain for a very small price.

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