Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Thursday Thirteen: A Baker's Dozen of Books and More

It's Thursday once more and so here is my list of thirteen.  Thus far I have had an amazing year, one I could never have imagined at this same time last year.   My list today is my major pubs of 2011 including a few shorts and some anthologies.

1. Love Tattoo, Book One of my Love Coveanant Series from Evernight Publishing

2. Love Scars, Book Two of my Love Covenant Series from Evernight Publishing

3. Love Knots, Book Three of my Love Covenant Series From Evernight Publishing

4. Love Never Fails, my contemporary romance from Rebel Ink Press

5. Kinfolk, my contemporary romantic suspense/family saga from Champagne Books

 6.  Witness Protection Program, my upcoming (Oct 3) romantic suspense from Rebel Ink Press

7. A Time To Love, upcoming time travel romance from Champagne Books (November)

8. Sing We Now of Christmas (no cover yet) Rebel Ink Press, coming December 3

9.  World Without End, Amen  coming October 29 from Silver Publishing

10. Short story "Salem" in Evernight Publishing's "Midnight Seduction" anthology, October 2011

11. Short story "Forty-Eight Hours A Year" in Raven Electrick's "Jack-O-Spec" official release Sept 9 but now available

12. The Marriage Cure, sweet historical novella, Astraea Press, July 2011

13.  Pagan Feast (one of several shorts available from No Boundaries)

And there are actually more - "A Letter To Santa" coming in Evernight Publishing's 2011 Christmas anthology, "Stockings and Suspenders", a story in Woodland Press' upcoming anthology "Stories From The Hearth" edited by Brian Hatcher, "Absolution", a short out from No Boundaries, "Mr. Brown's Vacation", A KDP short, and more next year.

Cover Art for next year so far includes:

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  1. Wow - what a prolific output! I see your title baker's dozen. Shame no-one gives 13 for 12 now in bakeries!

    I've done a Thursday Thirteen too, it's here at rashbre central


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