Saturday, August 27, 2011

Saturday In The Park

If you're like me, vintage enough to remember the really good music of our youth, you'll get the reference to Chicago's tune "Saturday In The Park".  That song's running through my head this morning because later today, our family will be spending at least part of Saturday in the park because the annual company picnic for my husband's employer, La-Z-Boy Midwest (yes, the recliner chair company) is this afternoon.

Company picnics aren't as common as they once were and so I actually look forward to the event.  Who can complain about free food, soda pop, games for the kiddies, and drawing for prizes? Or gripe about the chance to haul my comfortable lawn chair down to the park to spend four or so hours enjoying the outdoors?

This year, as it has been for sometime, the picnic will be at Morse Park in Neosho, a pretty little park with Hickory Creek, a clear and free flowing steam, bisecting it into two halves. 

So after writing, after edits (always with the edits), a trip to the library and some grocery shopping, it will be Saturday in the park!

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