Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Reinventing The Routine

Today is the first day back to school for my three children, teenage twins who begin their sophmore year and my son who starts his first day of middle school.  Everything changes today, another transition in life which is a series of changes.   I'll walk them up to the bus stop in just a little while, wave good-bye, and probably - although I always swear I won't - shed a few tears.   Then I'll walk back down our residential street in what passes for the suburbs in a small town and reinvent my routine.

During the summer months, our routine changes and I adapt it to my schedule.  For the past three months I've risen earlier than the kids, done a lot of routine maintenenance (check email, write blogs, check on upcoming guest posts, Amazon rankings, and such), then usually managed to get a little work in before making breakfast.

After the morning meal, I've organized the day then returned to work but today, everything is different.

Breakfast - homemade biscuits with sausage for all - is over and the kids are in the process of getting ready for their big first day.   I - still at work in PJ's - must dress too when I finish my blog post.

So far, there has not been nearly enough coffee for all this!

As my children adapt to the classroom, I'll adjust to a new routine and hopefully my work output will increase.  One of my daughters teased me that I would be bored and I laughed - not hardly.  I have plenty to do so boredom isn't on the radar at all!

Instead, I'm revinventing my ongoing process that never ends!

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