Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Once Upon A Wednesday

It's Wednesday, hump day, Mittwoch, middle of the week.   For me, it's almost one week and counting until the first day of school for my three kids.   Each year, the summer seems to shorten and it's over almost before it begins.  Today my daughters report to their high school for schedules, locker assignments, photo ID, etc.  In my high school era, we did all that on the first day of school but times, they went and changed without asking my permission.

I always plan to do a lot more things with my kids during the summer months than I actually do.   This year, with my writing career taking off after signing my first book contract in July 2010, my nose remains pressed to the grindstone so I can keep going what I got started.   By now, my children realize that Mom works - her job just happens to take place at home or wherever I can take the laptop.

When I don't do all the fun things I hoped to do and summer's end looms ahead, I feel like I should be singing Harry Chapin's well-known song, Cat's In the Cradle.  I think in our society it has become the lament of many busy parents who work hard, long hours because we love our kids ands want to provide for them.  The reality of today's economic mess is that most families require two working adults and sometimes more than one job per parent.   In the last two years, my husband's take home pay from the company where he's worked for a quarter of a century got slashed in half thanks to what the company cheerfully called "a payscale rampdown".   Almost daily, the company comes up with new threats or new ways to make the remaining workers work twice if not three times as hard.   No one feels that they have job security there any longer - and its sad because it was one considered a stable place to work that offered good wages and perks for workers.   The "population" count - the number of employees has diminished steadily over the years to less than half at the peak.

For a very long time I pursued a writing career and managed to rack up a few credits along the way.  Five years ago I made it into my first national anthology - today the number will soon stand at sixteen.  My stories, my articles, and other scribblings made it to an increasing higher tier of publications but becoming an author, my original dream, eluded me until last year.

At the end of last July, at a family gathering to celebrate my mother-in-law's birthday, talk about my just signed book contract for Kinfolk with Champagne Books was rampant.  I sat talking with my husband's uncle, Wayne Rigdon, who now lives at Beamont, Texas.  I shared my fear with him that I might end up being a "one hit wonder" with just that one book and he assured me in his Southern flavored drawl that now that I had one contract, others would come.   He seemed to think it was guaranteed and I felt hopeful but not as certain.

He's a wise man because a year later, I have six novels out, three shorts on Amazon, more anthology appearances upcoming and a growing reputation as a romance author.   I have contracts for other novels including three more this year - my upcoming Witness Protection Program in October from Rebel Ink, my second Champagne Books title, a time travel romance, A Time To Love in November and a Christmas release from Rebel, Sing We Now of Christmas.  

In 2012, I have a short novel upcoming with Champagne and three Rebel Ink titles so far, In Love's Own Time, Miss Good Samaritan, and Guy's Angel.

I'm currently working on what I hope will become a Valentine release for Rebel and book four in my Love Covenant series for Evernight Publishing.   I have more ideas than time to write them into reality and my routine has become established.

Today will be busy with the high school registrations, other back to school events, and the everday schedules but life overall is good and I have become what I dreamed - a romance author.

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  1. Congratulations on achieving your dream!! Sending high 5's & cyber hugs!!


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