Tuesday, August 2, 2011

A Look Into The Life of A Writer

For those who think that writers and authors live a glamorous life of never ending excitement and fun, I'm here to debunk that. 

Here is my day -

I got up around 4am after a fitful night of sleep because I'm plotting the next chapter in my next Love Covenant book and because the idea for my Valentine submission for Rebel Ink Press is beginning to percolate.   Besides, by then, my husband is up because he has to be at work by 5:30am so the coffee's on the make.

With that first cup of coffee in hand, I opened my email to find that I just sold a short fiction (6k) to Silver Publishing, my first sale to them so I had contracts to sign.   I've started the pre-edits and have several more tasks to do involved with this.

I was deep into edits when my kids started to roll out of bed and the next thing you know, the wild rumpus begins even though two are teens and one is ten.  I have to settle all that down, see that everyone gets breakfast, brushes their teeth, makes their bed.

Then I make my morning phone call to my senior citizen mother who lives just up the street and endure emotional blackmail.    After that, my husband calls on his break from work and then I clean up the kitchen.

So far really exciting, right?

Then I made brownies so my kids will have something sweet to snack on later and now I'm finally back at the laptop.  I took care of more e-mails, notified some prize winners, and now - just after 9am, late by my own deadline, I'm getting ready to start work.

And the day will progress from here.....

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  1. I don't think I've really "worked" as a writer since having children; I went blank and got into fiber instead! But am back to the writing via blogging, and who knows, maybe these short pieces will come together as my third book. At least I have some readers! But my day goes like yours (including the daily call to my elderly mom who can only get me upset and more distracted than I already am). SPoradic is a good word for our creative schedules perhaps?


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