Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The Heat Is On.....But I'm Still In The Kitchen

One of the old sayings I remember well from childhood is "if you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen". Well the heat is on over a huge area of the United States with record high temperatures and the weather is taking its' toll on everyone, everything.

I saw one stat that said yesterday was the 23rd straight day that temps were over 100 degrees Fahrenheit - but the heat's been cooking even longer than that.   Most summers it doesn't get really hot until mid-August but this year, things heated up in late June.   No one I've talked to can remember it ever being this hot for so long in this region.

I've seen some past high temperature records broken from the 1950's including 1954, the year that my mom graduated from high school.  She's always said that it was a hot summer that year and of course most people didn't have AC but even so, I don't know if the heat continued for such a long period, unabated.

My Granny always talked about the terrible heat in the summer of 1934 when she was pregnant with her last child, my dad.  I've read accounts about how people slept out on porches and yards to escape the heat and especially after being pregnant during the summer months myself, I always felt very sorry for my grandmother.  Since my dad was born in September that year, she had to soldier through the worst of the heat.

Everyone's tired, tempers are short, the yard is dying, the grass is brown, and there's no apparent relief in sight.

Even though - thank any deity for small favors - we have air conditioning, it's hot in the house and I find it harder than usual to settle into my strict writing schedule.  My muse wants a vacation somewhere where it's nice and cool and I'm dreaming about winter.

I'm looking forward to those crisp, cool fall days right now and I'm more than ready to see an end to this heat.

If this is climate change, it sucks.

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