Monday, August 22, 2011

Guy's Angel - coming next year from Rebel Ink Press

It's a long time away and I have other releases that will happen first but I received my gorgeous cover art over the weekend for my historical romance set in 1925 St. Joseph, Missouri (my hometown) and I just have to share!

This is the awesome cover, done by Carl J. Franklin......

I love it, love it, love it.

And here's the official blurb:

Guy’s Angel blurb:
When a young woman really believes the sky is the limit, amazing things can happen….
Lorraine Ryan wants to fly airplanes so she heads for the local airstrip in 1925 to make her dream come true.  Most of the flyboys think she’s cute but a woman’s place is in the home, not the cockpit.   When Guy Richter steps up and offers to teach her to fly, she’s captivated with both Guy and flight.  He nicknames her “Angel” and takes her up into that wild blue yonder.  Before long, they’re deep in love.
Love, however, isn’t always enough……
Guy, a former World War I flying ace, is haunted by his past. His demons include his war service, the death of his only brother in an accident the previous year, and the Valkyries that he evaded in France who trail him in the hopes that they can complete his destiny.  But his dreams lie with Angel and as they grow closer and closer, he soon realizes that if anyone can save him, it’s his Angel.

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