Friday, August 12, 2011

A Friday List - My Fiction, what's out, what's new, what's coming soon

These days I'm asked often what books I have out and what's upcoming. My career as an author has morphed with light speed over the past year and I almost have to count on fingers and toes myself. So I thought I would post a note so that those who want to know can find out.

Here is the timeline of what is out:

Wolfe's Lady - December 2010....paranormal teacher Stella Raines falls hard for dashing, well-manned Darien Wolfe but he has a secret
Love Tattoo - book one Love Covenant Series - March 2011 - Sassy Texas gal and singer Cara Riley was on her way to Nashville for one last shot at the big time when an unexpected kiss at 4 o'clock in the morning changed everything. To see where that kiss from sexy truck driver Will Brennan, she'll stay in Memphis long enough to find out what Will's kept hidden for more than two hundred years
Love Never Fails - May 2011 - One late night phone call and a plea for help from one time love of her life, Reid Ramsay, is all Caroline needs to rush home to Neosho for a second chance at love.
Paperback edition - June 2011

Love Scars - book two Love Covenant Series - June 2011 - Cara finds out that the undead version of happily ever after doesn't come easy when a woman from Will's past intrudes into their life bent on destruction and even death.

Kinfolk - July 2011 - Writer Katherine Vaughn heads home to Arkansas after her late husband's drug debts threaten to become fatal and meets former Navy SEAL Ben Hatfield. When her trouble follows her back to the hills, can Ben keep her safe?

Love Knots - July 2011 - book three in the Love Covenant Series - (July 27)...After surviving Sallie Hawkins, Cara wants to help Will find his long lost brother - who just happens to be a vampire too.

The Marriage Cure (novella) July 2011 - sweet historical fiction.....When Irish-Cherokee Johnny Devaney leaves Fort Gibson in the Nations behind, he heads into the Ozarks hoping to find peace. When he falls ill, however, widowed Sabetha Trahern nurses him and together they realize that the marriage cure is in order.

Absolution (novella) June 2011.....Vietnam veteran Robert Reinhard has been haunted by his ghosts for too long when a woman shows up in his life to help make sense of the past and to point him in the direction of a future

Mr. Brown's Vacation - June 2011 - short story - Return to the Roaring Twenties when Lake Taneycomo was a hot party spot for out of towners like furniture dealer Al Brown.

Pagan Feast....learn about the Christian fundamentalists that believe Christmas is just a pagan holiday when a new bride tries to adapt to her husband's faith in this short out soon from No Boundaries.


World Without End, Amen (Silver) October 2011...when Judith's long lost, long believed dead husband Eamon returns to collect her, there's much more at stake than she knows

Witness Protection Program (October 2011)....when Kendra's cover is blown, federal marshall Timothy Campbell whisks her away to a safe house but he soon realizes he's not safe from falling in love....but they must face danger and near death for a shot at happiness...

A Time to Love - November 2011....reclusive songwriter Samuel Baird is drinking himself to death in the remote Arkansas Ouachita Mountains when a woman arrives in a thunderstorm and claims she's from 1898.

Sing We Now of Christmas - their love began at Christmas but ended in tragedy on the Fourth of July....or did it?

Anthologies coming in 2011 (adding to the 12 on my shelf now that include my work)
Jack-o-Spec with my story "Forty Eight Hours A Year" - October
Midnight Seduction - with "Salem" - October
Heartscapes - with "A Piece of My Heart"
Stories From The Hearth with "Cindy Ellen"

Coming in 2012..

In Love's Own Time....when Lillian inherits her grandfather's old house in a small town, she plans to visit, sell it and go home but she's intrigued by the ghost. When she and that spirit - the original owner of the house - find they have a mutual admiration, they seek a way that they can be together even if they must time travel to make it happen.

Long Live The King - Las Vegas Escort Lacey longs for a better life and one night in a terrible rainstorm she finds herself back in 1956 Vegas having coffee with the King - Elvis.

Miss Good Samaritan - Robin Cavanaugh's Saturday routine goes awry when a wounded guy in punk leathers leaps into her car at a traffic light in Tulsa. He swears he's one of the good guys and she takes a chance, nursing him back to health and falling in love. But the danger's far from over and there's a good chance that Gray won't survive.

Guy's Angel - In 1925, Lorraine Ryan wants to fly but when she heads for the local airfield all the flyboys laugh at her....except one. World War I flying ace Guy Richter gives the kid a chance and a new nickname - Angel. He teaches her to fly and a lot more while handing over his heart. But he's troubled by the past and it'll take more than Angel to free him.


  1. All of the books that you have coming out sound like they will be very good reads. I can't wait until October when Witness Protection Program comes out.
    sstrode at scrtc dot com

  2. Hi, Leann:
    I've already won Kinfolk and would love to add another one of your ebooks to my nook!
    marajbrandon AT earthlink DOT net


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