Saturday, July 16, 2011

Six Sentence Sunday - July 17 - six from "Love Scars"

This week's six sentences come from Love Scars, second novel in my Love Covenant series from Evernight Publishing.  Love Tattoo began the series and on July 27, Love Knots will be the third book.  Book 4 is underway now.

All are - or will be - available at, Evernight, and almost all other romance online retailers.

We kissed until my head whirled, until

the room vanished and I was aware of nothing but Will Brennan. His

hands caressed me with softness and speed, a wicked combination

that made me desperate for more.

His musky man scent filled my senses with pure Will, a

mixture of his sweat, his natural aroma, and even the cigarillos that he

smoked. I could taste the fine steak in his mouth and I just wanted to

absorb him into me. We clung and clawed each other, our shared

caresses building up to a crescendo that we let grow.

When need outweighed all else, he lay me down on the

couch and I lifted my legs, open to him so that he could thrust his

power into me.


  1. Glad I woke when I did Lee Ann- awesome six and love how you used all the senses in this scene
    Dawne P

  2. Nice sexual tension and need build here, and I adore the word crescendo... isn't it funny how certain words pop out of snippets and make us smile like we've just eaten a delicious cup-cake? Or is that just me? LOL

  3. Great six. Love how you described him through her senses

  4. Nice sexy six, that has a appealing pace. Thank you.

  5. Evocative six! I really liked this line: "I just wanted to absorb him into me."


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