Monday, July 25, 2011

Mundane Monday

It's Monday and it feels very Monday-esque.  The weekend came and went with lightning fast speed.  Despite the thunder and lightning last night, it did not rain one drop and it remains very hot.

Opening the front door this summer when my husband left for work felt like stepping into a sauna.  The weather forecast won't change much either for the forseeable future, continued hot and dry.  Make that VERY HOT and dry.  

Here in Southwest Missouri in this little corner of the Ozarks, within shouting distance of Kansas, next door to Oklahoma, and hanging out just above Arkansas, it's been 100 degrees or more for about a month now.   That sucks.

On the writing front, I'm waiting to hear if my Christmas sub to Rebel Ink Press is's called "Sing We Now of Christmas".

On Wednesday my third novel in the Love Covenant Series from Evernight Publishing, LOVE KNOTS, will be out and I'm working on the next, LOVE SHADOWS.

I should begin edits this week for my next Rebel release, WITNESS PROTECTION PROGRAM.  I like all my stories - it's similar to how a mother feels about her children - but this story is one of my personal favorites.   I am ready, eager, and willing to get started on the edits!

I've been receiving some great feedback for my novels - just on LOVE NEVER FAILS, a three and a half Raven review from Black Raven Reviews, a thumbs up from Cathy Carrel Sontheimer,  a wonderful message from a Newark NJ pastor who's from Neosho.   He had it printed and bound at his Fed Ex store.  All this just over the weekend.

I've shopped off a few short stories too to various places and I also had an acceptance from Brian J. Hatcher for "Cindy Ellen" for the upcoming "Stories From The Hearth" from Woodland Press.  This anthology is kind of a new direction for them and I'm proud to be included!

Well, time for more coffee and then off to work at the writing business.

Stay cool and if you need a good book, you know an author with one just right for your needs! ;)

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