Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Christmas In July And Witness Protection Program

In the midst of a heat wave of epic and historic proportions I've been writing a Christmas story.  I finished it up and after a round of preliminary edits to make sure the MS is as clean as I can make it, it's off to Rebel Ink Press.  Writing about Christmas in July is more than a little surreal but doable.   There were days, however, sweltering in shorts, staring out the window at the unrelenting heat and temperatures over the century mark that I struggled a little to portray a cold December and some snow.

Just as I'm ready - almost - to send that baby out into the wider world,  I learned that I'll start edits soon for my next up Rebel Ink Press title, another romance suspense called "Witness Protection Program".  It's a story I'm very fond of - but then I like them all and I'm actually eager to dive head first into edits.   I like seeing the story emerge stronger, cleaner, and enhanced.    Right now the target date for publication is set for October 15 but I've been told that it may release early - which is wonderful news!

I've had the cover for a long time but it's one of my favorites, done by artist Carl J. Franklin.   Here's the cover:

And to compliment the cover, here's the blurb:

When a routine trip to the local discount store turns in to a gunfight,
Kendra Driscoll must face the fact that her witness protection cover is
blown and she's in federal custody until further arrangements can be made.
Tucked away in a safe house in southern Arkansas, Kendra reverts to being
Deborah Kincaid, for now.

When Timothy Campbell dodges bullets and throws Kendra Driscoll into his
van, he knows better than to mix business with pleasure. Witnesses are
off limits. Period. So why is it then that Cam finds himself impossibly
drawn to the woman he's charged to protect?

As Kendra gets to know Cam, she realizes he isn't as unyielding as he looks.
Underneath his gruff exterior, Kendra finds a kind, sensitive man and
soon, she realizes she's falling in love. And when events turn ugly and
Cam suffers a life-threatening injury, it's up to Kendra to face her
enemies and deal with the danger for the last time.

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  1. If I test the bounds of my imagination, I can imagine that October isn't that far off! Sounds like a good read!!


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