Friday, June 17, 2011

Where In The World Is Carmen San Diego? Or Where Am I Today?

Remember that kids' show about a girl named Carmen San Diego? She traveled the world and the viewers were supposed to guess where in the world she might be.  It had a catchy little song too.

Well, the show is history and the current crop of kids may not even know the show.

But a better question today is where you might find me on the Web today.

I'm at Kindle in The Wind today:

I an also over at the Bookish Snob on my ongoing blog tour for Love Tattoo (in advance of the upcoming Love Scars):

It's the day for Love Never Fails, up for Book of the Month, to be featured on Sinclair Books:
My featured post wasn't up yet but in the meantime you can still go to the right and vote for Love Never Fails.

In case anyone missed earlier appearances this week, here are some of the links:

Indie Books Blog:

A two day appearance at Sex Marks The G Spot:

I've also been in the spotlight at Long and Short Romance reviews all week:

Rebel Reasoning at Rebel Ink Press on Monday (and I'm there tomorrow as well, new post!)

If I missed any appearances, forgive me because my calendar stays full.  Next week look for me at places that include The Wicked Muses.

On Sunday, look for a very special guest blogger here at A Page In The Life when I welcome Bennet Pomeranz in with a Father's Day post.

And in late breaking news.....Love Scars will be out June 22, next Wednesday....KINFOLK on the Fourth of July!!!

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