Friday, June 10, 2011

When Friday Feels Like Saturday.....

This summer, Friday feels like Saturday should.  My husband works a four ten-hour day week most of the time now and with school out, the kids are home and underfoot.   So our "weekend" gets started on Thursday night which makes Friday seem like Saturday.

It's going to be a busy line-up too, mostly for me.

I have a library board committee meeting at 11:30am, a working lunch to talk about options for expansion and possible building.  Lunch is provided which is good but my day has to gear toward being there at that time.  At 1pm, my kids and hubby are committed to helping raise the tent at the Relay for LIfe event for our team from church.   If I'm done with the meeting I'll be heading over there to meet them.

The Relay itself begins at 6:30pm so I have to be there.   Of course the weather forecast calls for rain and possible storms so we'll see how that goes.  If it doesn't rain, it's been hot as Hades here so we'll either roast or be damp.

I have several writing projects, some new edits for a November release to take care of, my ongoing promotion train, something new to write for a Missouri Writers Guild project to benefit school libraries that lost books in the recent Joplin tornado, and more.

It's a busy life but that's good.  I would rather be busy than sit home staring at the four walls.

But Friday still seems like Saturday!

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