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Welcome Alex Sinclair, author of FIVE DAYS NOTICE

Today I'm delighted to introduce a friend and colleague, another writer who lives across the waters in England.  Alex Sinclair is a delightful and talented author who lives in the New Forest - which if you know anything about English history, you'll know is anything but new!

I took time to chat with Alex so that readers and prospective readers can get to know a little more about the man behind the books....and then we'll move along to the book itself.

A Page in The Life blog - Alex Sinclair

How long have you been a writer? 

I have been writing since I was about fourteen years old. Back then I use to write books on martial arts, philosophy, teaching and techniques. I wrote about sixteen martial art related books over the next few years, but always did fiction on the side. It was more of a hobby, but I really started getting into telling stories in my late teens and that is how I drifted into fiction. Since then I have not looked back!

What do you like most about writing? And the least?

The thing I absolutely love about writing is feedback. I have not had any negative feedback for any of my books yet (touch wood!), but I have had so much positive feedback, which is really nice. I write character stories that are very slice of life. I like writing stories that people can relate too, so when I get the great feedback it means that I am achieving what I set out to do. My least favourite thing about writing…? Waiting for the books to come out! That can be a killer. When you know the finished product is ready to go, but you still have to wait a month or two before it is released.

Did you dream of growing up to be a writer or did it just happen?

I always enjoyed writing. I remember writing amazing stories about Captain Zack, a superhero, when I was about six years old. I really enjoyed making up stories that were weird and wonderful. I stopped for a few years and then picked up fiction writing in my late teens. I quit again for a few years, as I got tired of writing for magazines. You had to think of a new idea every single week! I did write my first romance on a whim and it was signed within a month and since then I haven’t looked back.

Tell us about your latest or coming soon book(s). What inspired it?

My latest book is, Five Days Notice, it is a story about seven people that work in a superstore after the global economy has collapsed. There are no new jobs and people work long hours for hardly any pay. If you do not work then you basically struggle to survive in this dark and horrible world. Job cuts are announced and the story is about how far each of the seven characters is willing to go to make sure they keep their jobs. Oddly, I wrote this story before the actual world economy went crazy. What inspired this was that I use to work as a Christmas temp in the city at a big superstore. There were about thirty temps, but only three of us were kept on. We were told this in advance, I was one of the people that kept the job, but it was nasty. People were gossiping, being rude, not helping each other, stabbing each other in the back and before all this we were all friends. So it made me wonder. How they would actually act if their lives depended on this job? And that is where, Five Days Notice, came from.

Was there a lot of research involved in creating this book?

Not really. The ins and outs of the job, I know. I did it for nearly two years. The characters and world are only about two decades from today, so it isn’t futuristic or sci-fi, time has gone on, but the story feels like the world has taken two steps backwards. So, the only real research I did was working in the job for so long.

How much time did it take from writing your first book to having it published?

The Lady and the Lake was my first published book. I wrote that in about ten days. Mostly because I thought I would try my hand at something different. It got published straight away. Before, The Lady and the Lake, I was writing for years and years and only ever made showcases, magazines and e-zines. It has been a long road. It didn’t help that my publisher sat on, The Lady and the Lake, for two years. So it has been a long wait, but 2011 has really been my breakthrough year with Five Days Notice & Under the Midnight Sky.

Do you work on one project at a time? Or do you multi-task?

I use to multi-task. I don’t so much anymore. I don’t really need to. I just had the rights to my four novels returned to me and I now self-publish all of my books. I currently have three out, but in the last few years since, The Lady and the Lake, was first signed I have actually written twelve novels. So, I have a long list of books that are going to come out over the next few years, which means I can happily take my time writing one project at a time, although at this moment in time I am working on two books! I can’t seem to help myself.

When not writing, how do you relax?

If I am not writing I am either out with my dogs, training in martial arts or taking care of one of my ten nieces and nephews.

Please tell us what you have coming up and what you may be working on in the future?

I am putting out a release for a friend of mine called, Keepers of the Gateway to Hell, it is book about a contractors second tour in Iraq. It is going to be an exciting challenge for me, as I am publishing, promoting and editing the book. The author is a well known figure in military circles so it should be an instant bestseller, which is very exciting. That book is out in about two weeks. My next book is out in August. It is a romance suspense novel called, Dance of Deceit, but I have a science fiction romance called, Avarice, out in October and a paranormal romance called, The Flames of Winter, and that is coming out at Christmas. It is going to be a busy old year.

What’s a guilty pleasure you have?

Guilty Pleasures… I am a cakeaholic! I cannot lie. It has been a bad habit of mine. I use to train nine hour days and my reward for hard work was… cakes! It was my one guilty pleasure.

Where can we find you on the ‘net?

Thank you so much for having me!
Alex, it is my pleasure!

Now let's move on to the book - first the Amazon link:
The cover:
Here's the blurb (and an interesting one it is, too)

 The global economy has collapsed and third world war has left the planet a dark and deadly place. Having a job is like winning the lottery. It is a rare and cherished thing. Society is split into two classes, the poor and the damned. Only one superstore remains in the city. The seven staff members work long hours for hardly any pay, but they are considered the lucky ones.

River is in love. He is in love with the woman of his dreams. Only she doesn’t know it. Ariel lights up his dark and lonely world. She is the reason he wakes up every single morning. Her friendship and company give meaning to his existence, but when job cuts are announced his world is turned upside down. The staff are given five days notice. By the end of the week three members of staff will be fired, but how far is River willing to go to ensure that the love of his life keeps her job?

With uncertainty and doubt fuelling the fires of fear each member of staff sets out on a dangerous path of deception. The flesh of the weak is food for the strong. It is a dog eat dog world. Friends become enemies. Lovers become deceivers. You can trust no one. You can rely on no one. You must do what needs to be done to make sure you survive. You must steal, you must betray and you must kill. Betrayal, deception and corruption have never looked so sexy.
Intrigued? Want more? We have it!
Kerry peeked into the living room like some sort of unknown shadow and spied on the girls. Samantha and Cassie were quite happily watching Annie, their favourite movie of all time, on the television. The two of them wouldn’t even notice if an elephant stomped into the room they were so busy singing along to “dumb dog”. A faint smile split Kerry’s lips, as she watched her daughter belting out the lyrics. Samantha was everything she had ever hoped for. Kerry had always felt bad when she had left her out of work boyfriend all those years ago. He had always been kind to her, but with limited funds and a hungry baby someone had to go. If he had been working it would have been different, but Kerry was no longer living for herself. It was her duty to provide a good life for her daughter. Her biggest regret was that she had never been able to provide Samantha the perfect home environment with a mum, dad, siblings and a pet. Things had changed a few years back when she had met Chelsea . The two of them were long time neighbours in the old block of flats that she used to live in. Over time the two of them became good friends and began to rely on each other. Chelsea worked nights and Kerry worked days so they would take it in turns looking after each other’s children. In time it only made sense to get a bigger place and move in together because they had a system that worked, but because of Malcolm was all this going to change?
Kerry pulled the living room door to and headed towards the kitchen.
Chelsea was standing by the counter with the kettle in hand. Chelsea was around about the same height as Kerry and had the most silky light chocolate skin tone. She looked like some sort of exotic goddess with her long black hair that reached all the way down to her bum. Her hazel nut coloured eyes and her inviting smile were one of the main reasons she was good at her job. It was like she was looking into your soul whenever you made eye contact. It was a piecing stare that captured your undivided attention and for a poll dancer it was one of her greatest weapons, but then again her slim toned body and perky breasts helped a great deal too.
Kerry dropped herself down at the kitchen table and held her head in her hands. It was time to explain the situation to Chelsea . How would she react to the thought of her roommate being fired? And what if she was fired would Chelsea abandon her like Kerry had abandoned Samantha’s dad?
‘Are you going to tell me now?’ Chelsea could read her like a book.
‘Are you sure you really want to know?’ countered Kerry.
Chelsea sat down at the opposite side of the table and slid a cup of coffee over to her. ‘You have been acting out of sorts every since you got home from work.’
‘We had a meeting this morning…’ Kerry was not looking forward to this. ‘…the manager is making more cuts to the work force.’ Chelsea said nothing in reply and nodded her head for Kerry to continue. If there was one thing that this woman was good at it was listening to someone else’s problems and coming up with a realistic solution. ‘They are going to half the current staff roster. Three of us are going to be fired by end of shift Friday.’
‘You are hard working, right?’ Chelsea asked.
‘I work as hard as I can.’
‘You are friendly, correct?’
‘I am.’
‘Then I don’t see what the problem is. From what you have told me before some of the other people there don’t carry their own weight.’ Chelsea was right, but still Kerry felt doomed.
‘I really think I am going to be fired. I need this job.’ Kerry dropped her head down even further until it rested on the surface of the table. ‘I work all day and you work all night and we only just have enough to provide for the girls. If I get sacked then I have no idea what I will do.’
‘That’s simple then. Don’t get sacked,’ countered Chelsea.
‘That is easier said than done,’ sighed Kerry.
‘Not really. You know some of the things I have had to do to keep my job.’ She turned her eyes away from her best friend and looked down and away. It was a sign of remembering an unhappy memory. ‘I have done those things that I am not proud of so that I had money to take care of the girls. I am not suggesting you do this I am just saying you are a beautiful woman and there are ways of using that to your advantage.’
The room was silent for a moment.
‘Your right… I will do anything to keep this job.’
A few more notes and links:

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"I have wanted to kiss you for so long, but I never knew it would feel so good." - Five Days Notice.

"A novel of intrigue, fear, love, betrayal, and root instinct." - Review of Five Days Notice

I'd like to thank Alex Sinclair for stopping by A Page In The Life today.  You can also look for my newest release, LOVE NEVER FAILS, as one of the candidates for book of the month this month at Sinclair Books!!


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