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Vampires Rule - Author K.C. Blake

I like vampires and I love vampire stories.  I guess that may not be a surprise since I've written two - LOVE TATTOO (March 2011, Evernight Publishing) and the just released earlier this week LOVE SCARS, also from Evernight.  What I delight in, though, is how every author has a different twist, a unique take on vampires.

Author K.C.  Blake has her own slant and she joins us today to describe just how the inspiration for her vampire, Jack, came about....and just what makes Jack different.

Blake is the author of VAMPIRES RULE (RULE series) available at
Now from the author:

Birth of a Vampire
About six years ago I was watching a vampire movie and a thought occurred to me. What if a vampire could go back to being mortal again? Could he return to his old life? Would his remaining family welcome him home? These are the questions I so desperately wanted to answer.
Although I had a rough idea of what the plot would be, I started by building the main character. There were a few things I knew about him right off. Jack would be seventeen (he's been seventeen for ten years), a good looking kid with a strong inner strength and a mile-wide loyal streak. Family and friends are important to him. He doesn't have a death wish, but he would risk his life to save someone in trouble. I didn't want him to have parents to lean on, but I did want him to have somebody, a close relative from his past. This would force him to try to reconnect with this person. A younger brother, now his older brother seemed like the perfect idea.
While Jack was living as a vampire, he traveled the country with three friends. Those friends had given up their old lives long ago. They'd moved on, but Jack couldn't. He missed his family so much, he visited his childhood home every year and toyed with the idea of contacting his brother. A decade slid by, but Jack didn't lose his humanity.
Next, I had to give Jack someone to fall in love with, someone as strong as him. For the longest time I couldn't picture this girl clearly. I had a character named Silver in another book I'd been working on. Should I take her from that book or make someone else up? I had no idea what to do. Then a friend clear on the other side of the country had a dream about my book and told me about it. She'd had no idea that I was considering using Silver. In her dream there were werewolves attacking a small town and a girl hunter with a silver bullet necklace was fighting them. She heard a deep voice saying, "This is the book I want Kasi to write."
Of course at this point my book was still missing a vital part: a bad guy. Once again I borrowed a character from another book I'd written long ago and hadn't published. Jersey Clifford made the perfect opponent for Jack. Charismatic, smart, and well-read, Jersey could share his love of literature with Jack. It was the perfect way for them to bond... and I wanted them to like each other, at least at first.
Once the characters were aligned like stars in a well-known constellation, each in synch with the others, the plot was easy to work out. In fact I wrote the book in two weeks. Of course it took me months to rewrite and edit, but the story itself flowed out a chapter a day. And that is how a vampire was born.

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