Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Tell Me About Your Books

As more of my books emerge, I find more people who want to know about the books.   Last night I attended a Relay For Life meeting - the Relay here in my town is coming up June 10 - for our parish team, the St. Canera Crusaders.   One of the other team members asked if I had done anything exciting lately and I said, well, yeah, I had another book come out.   She hadn't heard about the first two and so, since her interest was genuine, I gave her a brief rundown about the books out, the one that just debuted from Rebel Ink Press, and the ones coming up.    She asked me to tell her about the books and she liked what she heard.

So today I thought I would tell about the books, in order of their appearance in the world at large.

Now Available:

WOLFE'S teacher Stella Raines expects nothing more than her first year of teaching when she arrives in Riverville but after she meets the charming mathmatics teacher down the hall, Darien Wolfe, she expects romance.  What happens to Darien under a full moon, however, is beyond all expectations but she relies on her knowledge of folklore to help him return to a human life and a happy ending. (Evernight Publishing, December 2010)

LOVE TATTOO....Texas singer Cara Riley is on her way to Nashville for another shot at a big time singing career when a chance meeting at a highway rest area and one sizzling kiss changes her plans and her life forever.  Will Brennan is sexy, charming, and quotes Shakespeare and he's as attracted to Cara as she is to him.   Their romance kicks up into high gear but when she learns he's also a vampire, Cara must do a little soul searching to determine what she wants and how this will end, if it does.
(Evernight Publishing, March 2011) (Sequel LOVE SCARS coming in June)

LOVE NEVER FAILS....after five years, Caroline Cunningham wakes to a late night phone call from the one time love of her life Reid Ramsey.  He asks her to come home because he needs her and without knowing why, she hops a plane and heads back to Neosho.  There she learns that his older brother, his rock and only family, is missing.  As she joins the search, both realize that their love is still alive but they must work through old emotional baggage and find his brother for any chance at a happy ending. (Rebel Ink Press, May 2011)

Coming soon....

LOVE SCARS...Cara thought that her happy ending with her sexy undead Will Brennan would last for all eternity but she soon learns that love, even for vampires, isn't always easy.   When a woman from his past haunts him and soon pursues him with a personal hatred that appears to have a deadly intent, Will and Cara drift apart.   If they can conquer Sallie Hawkins, they must come together, however, in every way possible. (Evernight June 2011)

KINFOLK...when writer Katherine Vaughn flees California to escape the drug lord wanting to collect on her late husband's debt she has no place to go but home to Arkansas, the place she left as a small child.  As she takes refuge on her aunt's farm, she meets Ben Hatfield, a former Navy SEAL who is also her late cousin's widower.  As the two lonely people open up to each other, he vows to  keep her safe but as their love grows, so does the danger. (Champagne Books July 2011)

A TIME TO LOVE...when reclusive songwriter Samuel Baird dreams of a woman, he has no idea that she will save his life very soon.  Annie Gregory has an odd manner.  Not only is she dressed like a Victorian parlor maid, her speech and ways are very old-fashioned.  When she tells him she came from the 1890's, he thinks she must be crazy but he's still attracted.  As Samuel works through a lot of old baggage, they fall in love and would wed but when she doesn't have either a birth certificate or a modern identity, that proves to be difficult.  So is the trip home to Samuel's native Nashville. (Champagne Books, November 2011)

WITNESS PROTECTION PROGRAM...When Kendra's ordinary trip to the local discount store erupts in gunfire, she has to face the fact that her cover is blown.  She's whisked to safety by a stern federal agent, Timothy Campbell, who must keep her safe now that her new identity in the witness protection program has been revealed.    As they hide in a safe house on his aunt and uncle's rural Arkansas farm, love grows but can they ever find a happy ever after? (Rebel Ink Press, winter 2011)

THE MARRIAGE CURE...Johnny Delaney leaves Fort Gibson heartsick and weary after losing most of his family on the Trail of Tears but he carries a deadly disease away with him.   When he seeks refuge at a widow's home in the Ozark Mountains, Sabetha, a widow herself, not only nurses him back to health but falls in love.  As their love grows, they realize, like the old Irish proverb says, there is no cure for love but marriage. (Astraea Press, coming soon)

ABSOLUTION....Vietnam Veteran Robert Reinhard is haunted by ghosts from the war, the buddy he thinks he failed, the little girl who died, and the girl he left behind.  In this short novella, he must find absolution from those he thinks he caused the most harm.  (No Boundaries, coming soon)

LONG LIVE THE KING....Las Vegas escort Lacie hates her life, far away from the values of the Missisippi Delta where she grw up.  When she somehow finds herself in 1956 Vegas after a storm, Lacie meets a young man named Elvis.   He's smitten and so is she but can she change the course of the life of the man who became the King of Rock and Roll? (Champagne Books, May 2012)

Other novels are in submission, in process, and more.

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