Sunday, June 12, 2011

Six Sentences June 12 From "Love Never Fails"

.           Caroline never asked where they were going but she wasn’t surprised when he parked across from the park and walked with her to the grotto.
 It was chilly sitting on the steps that led down to the spring but she didn’t mind.  

They sat in comfortable silence, listening to nothing but the quiet trickle of the water and the sweep of the wind through the trees.  

The calm eased her troubled spirits and she leaned against Reid, content.  

As she relaxed, her headache ebbed away like the water that vanished beneath the rocks, and Caroline let herself just be.   

She cleared her mind of all thoughts and cares, drinking in the solace.   

Love Never Fails, Rebel Ink Press,

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  1. I particularly like how her headache flows away like the water. I could visualize the pain leaving her. Good job.

  2. What a delightful 6- great job LeeAnn- love the calmness
    Dawne P

  3. beautifully written six.. nice work!

  4. sounds blissful! Love it :) Fab six xx

  5. Your writing took me right there. Peaceful six.

  6. sounds so serene. Good Job

    Ps Where is the photo from looks familiar?

  7. Lovely descriptive imagery, so peaceful. Very nice!

  8. Very restful six!! Great job.

  9. Love the visualization of how the headache goes away

  10. Lovely snippet. :-)


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