Wednesday, June 15, 2011

A ReminderTo Back Up My Work Daily

Yesterday evening was hectic and chaotic at my house.  Of course, with two teens one kid, a husband and a wired for sound Jack Russell terrier, when is it not?  One daughter broke the screen on her sister's Kindle by accident and since the Kindles were a Christmas gift from an uncle, they had to contact him to see if it might be covered by the warranty (which thank God it was).  In between, I was trying to serve supper, make a quick run down to the Dollar General because we were out of laundry soap, and all those other little details of family life.

Thunder resounded overhead so I went to disconnect the desktop computer husband and the kids use and detach my laptop from a power source.....and I almost cried.   My WIP, all 98 single spaced pages, all near 52,000 words of it, was down to two pages.   I thought I had lost it forever and I thought I would either cry (which I am not prone to do) or suffer a stroke.

Thank God or any deity you like I was able to recover the full file but I immediately backed it up on my jump drive.   I used to do that everyday and this near miss was a very sobering reminer to back up my work, save it somewhere daily.

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