Tuesday, June 21, 2011

One Day And Counting To LOVE SCARS release!

Although LOVE TATTOO, the first of the paranormal romance novels featuring my sexy undead, Shakespeare quoting truck driving vampire Will Brennan and his sassy little Texas gal Cara Riley, just debuted in March, it's time for the next chapter of their lives together.

LOVE SCARS debuts tomorrow from Evernight Publishing and I am excited.  As an author I like all my novels and all the fiction that I write.   I love my characters but Will and Cara are special.

Here's the blurb:


After marrying her sexy undead husband Will Brennan, Cara Riley Brennan thought her happy ending would last forever but she soon learned that the course of true love doesn’t ever run quite that smooth.  Just when she thought they were settling into eternal bliss, Sallie Hawkins, the woman who made Will into a vampire in the past, intrudes into their lives.  She’s wicked, she’s jealous, and she won’t stop till either Will or Cara is dead.
Her psychic presence tortures them both in body and soul but when she arrives outside their home in the flesh things go from bad to worse.   Cara and Will realize that confrontation is inevitable.

When the three meet for battle, they all may not survive and in the end, who lives and who dies is up to Cara who will do anything to keep her chance at a permanent happily ever after ending intact.

The cover:

And the book trailer:

a few words from the beginning to tempt and tease..
            The moment that he shivered in my arms, shuddered as if the cold January winds outside the window rushed over him with blizzard force, I knew something must be wrong.   I could not put my finger on it, not then, but I realized from that first night that some slithering snake just trespassed into our little Eden.
           “Will?” I whispered in the comfortable cocoon we created beneath the covers. “What’s wrong?”
             Even before he spoke, my inner alarm bells shrieked like tornado sirens in a Texas spring. Although the shivers quit, I could feel the tension tighten his body, constrict it hard, and I sensed his anxiety. It threatened to spread to me like a wildfire and I tried to contain it.  His hesitation sliced through my complacent mood like a Buck knife and I realized that something shifted, somehow and somewhere.
            “Nothing,” he said as he drew me closer to him.  “It’s nothing at all, mo anam cara. It was a dream told by an idiot full of sound and fury, signifying nothing. Or at least I hope that’s all that it is.”
            I didn’t believe it and I wasn’t about to let the issue drop.  Instead, I picked at it, like a dog working a bone to get the last scrap of flesh

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