Monday, June 13, 2011

Here, There, Everywhere

These days it seems like I am here, there, and everywhere - well, almost.  I accept any offer for promotion that I can grab because it seems that without promotion, without putting my name and works out there as an author, no one will know about either.   If people don't know what I offer, they can't buy the books so it must be done.

I occasionally worry that it may seem like I'm too full of myself and too busy tooting my own horn but it's not like that, not for me.

I am, I believe, a pretty humble person most of the time if not all.  I am amazed at what's happened with my writing career in the past year and excited about where it may lead in the future.  I am delighted to have four books out at present and more coming, some very soon.

Each time I get a new contract, cover art, or a release, I have to pinch myself to make sure I'm not dreaming.

If you can, head over to Rebel Ink Press today and read my Rebel Reasoning post.  It's about how a girl like me didn't grow up thinking that this life was a possibility.  Where I lived and how I was raised, it was about as likely as becoming a movie star or something.

If that isn't enough shameless promotion for you, check out my spotlight over here - an opportunity that came up unexpectedly during an author chat on Saturday.  I grabbed it, had to hustle to get the posts and info to them but here it is....

Look for more appearances to show up all week long as I'm here, there, and almost everywhere!

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  1. Promo is not as much fun as writing, but its important, and readers enjoy getting to know authors.


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