Thursday, June 16, 2011

Feed That Romance Addiction, That Sexual Perversion

First the news broke that romance was as addictive and damaging as pornography.

Then Fox News compared reading romance to Congressman Weiner's woes.

All those old names -bodice rippers for example - are being bandied about describing our (since I'm a romance writer I have a dog in this fight) books.

My first question is "don't they have anything better to do?"

And my second reaction is okay, fan those flames - you'll probably help me sell more novels!

Here's a link to the original story about how romance is worse than porn.  To me, the fact that it came out of Salt Lake City, Mormon headquarters speaks volumes.

So first we authors battle the ongoing war of traditional books versus ebooks, the war of the Big 6 publishers against small and independent presses.   We romance writers fight for our right to be called "real writers".  

We put up with the labels like the teenager in my town who called my novels "dirty books".

And now we are painted in the media as enablers who feed an addiction as old as time.

Sex is natural, it's part of life, and unless there are other quirks, it's not an addiction, it's not dirty, and it's not a problem.

Go out and make a stand - buy a romance book today!

If you happen to choose one of mine, all the better.  If not, then choose one written by one of my friends.  Try one from Rebel Ink Press, Evernight Publishing, Champagne Books or a sweet (meaning clean) romance from Astraea Press.

Just read and enjoy.  Enough already with the labels and the lies!

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