Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Am I What I Write? No, No, and No!

Out here in the virtual reality of the internet, around the blogosphere, and even in the real life of everyday, there seems to be the idea that writers are and have done everything that we write about.

While I may draw on personal experience - what other do I have after all - for inspiration or to consider how I might feel or react in a given situation, contrary to apparent popular belief, I am not my characters.  And by the same token, they are not me.

I am a little bit of all my characters, male and female, paranormal and normal, good and bad.

I have to be because I create them but none are me nor are they "real people".

That's another of those misconceptions.

So for the record, let's cover the facts.....

I am not and have never been a vampire, werewolf, wicked witch, shapeshifter, or other creature of the night.

Although I think it would be very fascinating if I could, I have not time traveled anywhere.

While I have had and enjoyed any number of sexual encounters, I have not necessarily done the exact same acts as my characters in the same places or with the same kind of people.

That means don't leer at me in the supermarket aisle because after reading one of my books, you have decided that I am one hot number, a shocking little Lolita in the small town Peyton Place atmosphere.
Just because I write romance, some of it sensual, it doesn't mean I'm easy or that I want to do it in the produce section with a stranger.

My male characters are not my lovers, past or present.  They may have an element or two from real men I've known but not one of them is anyone in particular.

By the same token, I'm not Caroline Cunningham or Cara Riley Brennan or Katherine Vaughn or Annie or Lillian or any of my other characters.

You, dear familiar person in my life, are not the basis for any of my characters.  Just because Caroline has issues with her aunt in "Love Never Fails" doesn't mean I've had the same issues with one of my aunts so don't try to "guess which aunt Julia is based on" because she isn't based on anyone.

My novels are not autobiographical - when I want to write about my life (and at times I do and have), it's in my weekly local column, in non-fiction essays (non-fiction being the keyword) or other works.

Fiction is, in simple terms, made up stories that didn't happen.

Are we all clear on that?

Good.  Now back to writing.

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