Thursday, June 2, 2011

A 99 Cent Read Well Worth The Money

What is absolution?

The dictionary definition is this:

1. Formal release from guilt, obligation, or punishment.
2. An ecclesiastical declaration of forgiveness of sins
In my just released short, Absolution from No Boundaries, it means this:
ABSOLUTION....Vietnam Veteran Robert Reinhard is haunted by ghosts from the war, the buddy he thinks he failed, the little girl who died, and the girl he left behind. In this work, he must find absolution from those he thinks he caused the most harm so that he can move forward with his life and maybe even love.
Title: Absolution
Author: Lee Ann Sontheimer Murphy
Genre: Mainstream with paranormal and romantic elements
Word Count: 5,053
Vietnam veteran Robert Reinhard leads a quiet life but he's haunted by the ghosts he should have left in country. He still suffers guilt for things that he did and things that happened. He likes the quiet peace of the university library where one rainy night he meets a woman who sees the spirits who follow him. Her rare gift helps him to open up to her about his past and as they talk, he soon learns that not only does she understand but that she is the love he thought lost forever. As she helps him to let go of the past and live in the present, Robert at last can find the absolution he has sought for too long.
My short is now available at All Romance Ebooks, at Smashwords (with a sample you can try before you buy) and coming soon to both and Barnes and Noble.
At just 99 cents, it's quite a bargain, a multi-layered story with suspense, romance, paranormal, and other elements.

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