Monday, May 16, 2011

Tempting Thoughts To Motivate Monday From "Love Tattoo"

If your Mondays start as sluggish as mine, then maybe you need something to get your motor running.  Here is an excerpt from "Love Tattoo" to get things started:

What he did next felt too sinful for any version of paradise but

far too pleasant to stop. His hands touched me everywhere, followed

by his mouth. He explored me with greed and I did the same. As I

fingered his flesh, I noticed how very beautiful he seemed. Even the

hairs covering his arms were so fragile and fine that I marveled at

such exquisite detail. His skin radiated with a translucence that

reminded me of fine pearls, alabaster pale. That red mark I noticed

on his left arm earlier no longer remained and I wondered if I had

imagined it.

He nuzzled my throat, put his head with those black curls

flying everywhere on my breasts. He kissed them, each one in turn

and then suckled at my nipples. They hardened with his touch and

ached, begging for more. He used his teeth on my bare shoulders to

evoke such sensual delight that I thought I could stand it but I did not

want him to stop. Will kissed my throat, from the hollow at the base

of it to each side. I could feel him making love tattoos there. His

mouth suckled against that tender skin and then, as before, I could

feel the sharp prick of his teeth as he used them to break the skin, to

bruise me and leave his mark. Until now, I didn’t much like hickeys.

But, when Will delivered them, his subtle, delicate bites sent delicious

chills through my entire body. After he marked me, he kissed me

with such total passion that I could not see for a few moments.

“That makes twice,” he whispered in my ear but I didn’t

understand and I didn’t even try as he kissed me again.

I could not think about that or anything else but sweet

seduction. As the kiss turned potent, he pulled me to the bed and

without bothering to remove the comforter, he took me there. He

entered my willing flesh with power and might that poured into me

with such strength that I thought for a moment that he just might fuck

me to death, the same thing I thought before.

When a warm front slams into a cold front, violent, severe

thunderstorms erupt and so we came together like a storm. My heat

prickled every nerve ending in my body like lighting, we came

together with the rumble and roar of thunder, and although his skin

remained dry against mine, I expelled enough moisture to fill a rain


His cock fit into me like a sword to a sheath, like fist to a

glove, like Cinderella’s foot to the glass slipper. Our connection

raised the physical tension to an almost unbearable level as we

strained for that moment of completion. He weaved in and out of me

like a needle sewing cloth, each stroke of his powerful manhood

sending shudders through me that rippled with pleasure that edged

pain. I needed release and I struggled for it, pushing back against his

thrusts with all my might. As he whispered what must be love words

in Irish, I clawed him with my fingernails, fighting for a hold and

forcing him to that glorious moment of complete debauchery.

If sex could have been food, we would have overeaten. If it

had been wine, we would have been reeling drunk. Some of the most

powerful storms anywhere in North America hit Texas and so I

couldn’t help but compare the all encompassing force of his

lovemaking to a tornado. He tore me apart, scattered me to the winds,

and then brought me home, safe after all. In those moments of

completion, of the ultimate delight, we soared into the heavens, we

crashed among the rocks of the earth, and we died so that we could be

reborn as one.

I knew then that beyond any doubt I loved Will Brennan with

everything that made me Cara. My body belonged to him to do what

he would with it. He could have my heart, he could take my soul, and

he could own me, all of me. I am his, I thought, with such jubilant

joy and bubbling contentment. I knew that I loved him and would for

all eternity. No other man ever had made me feel this way and I did

not believe anyone else could.

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