Sunday, May 29, 2011

Six Sentence Sunday - Sneak Peek At Love Never Fails

I'm proud as I can be that my first Rebel Ink Press release, a contemporary romance titled "Love Never Fails" will be out on June 15.   It's a second chance at love story and here's the blurb:

UPDATE: Lover Never Fails is NOW available at All Romance E-books - buy now through May 30 and get a 50% rebate! Cover price is $5.99
Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Coffee Time Romance and other buy links coming soon!

Sometimes old love seems to fade away..

When a late night phone call from the former love of her life interrupts
both her sleep and her otherwise quiet existence, Caroline Cunningham
finds she can’t refuse Reid Ramsay's request for help. As the call pulls
Caroline back to her small hometown and into the heart of the search for
Reid’s missing brother, Caroline finds the feelings she thought she'd
buried where Reid was concerned are indeed alive and well.

And sometimes it refuses to die...

Reid Ramsay is still in love with Caroline Cunningham. As they work
together searching for Reid's brother, Reid and Caro finding themselves
attempting to rebuild the life they once shared together. But their
future remains uncertain. Before they can find the happiness they seek,
each must work through the emotional baggage of the past and test the
theory they desperately hope rings true

Now - six sentences:

            He turned to her and swept her into his arms, pulling her so tight against his chest that she couldn't breathe.   The metal buttons of his denim jacket cut into her breasts but before she could protest, he kissed her.   His lips claimed her, rough and greedy, as the powerful kiss stirred her soul.   All the old feelings surged back, renewed and now combined with new emotions that threatened to swamp her.   His lips marked her as his and she couldn't deny the truth.   No matter what passed between them and despite the years of separation, there was no doubt that they fit; like sun to sky, stars to night, and Adam to Eve.

Available June 15 at Rebel Ink Press and other retailers.  Look for a full list and links on June 15.


  1. Beautiful Lee Ann. I love the title, really speaks to the heart.

  2. This is what I'm talking about "His lips marked her as his"- oh to have a man so sexually possessive
    dawne P

  3. Lovely writing! You have a winner here! :)

  4. I love that Adam and Eve line. Well done.

  5. Love that last line.. there was no doubt that they fit; like sun to sky, stars to night, and Adam to Eve. WOW Fab stuff!

  6. I'm always a sucker for second chance love.
    Congrats to the release

  7. Looks great, Lee Ann.

    Good six!

    Allure Van Sanz

  8. I love that she is caught up in the love resurfacing from the past. *sighs* sounds like a great love story!
    Good six.

  9. Lovely writing. I especially like the similes at the end of the six - beautiful!

  10. I, too, loved the last lines! Congrats on your release!


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