Sunday, May 22, 2011

Six Sentence Sunday May 22 - Love Tattoo

Six more sentences from Love Tattoo (March 2011) Evernight Publishing as we draw nearer and nearer to the release of the next phase of Will and Cara's existence in Love Scars.

Will bent them to his

will and I kissed back, my lips caressing his with unholy joy. One

mouth fused into the other, connected and he drank of me, not my

blood, but my soul like a thirsty man might seek water in a drought.

He took what he needed and I gave to him without restraint.

We did not hurry; there was no need for time stretched before

us, blank and infinite. We owned the night and all those to come.

Some poet once wrote, “if we had but world enough and time” to

lament coyness but we had what he lacked, all the time there is to


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  1. Beautiful prose, Lee Ann. Great six. I'd like to know where they are headed.

  2. Lordy- this was an awesome line- One mouth fused into the other, connected and he drank of me
    Dawne P

  3. Forever is such a wonderful feeling. Great SSS.

  4. I agree with Dawne - that was my fave line!

  5. Unholy? Oh my. Sounds like a lot of darkness in this sexy excerpt. My favorite kind.


  6. Lovely prose! It flows beautifully.


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