Sunday, May 1, 2011

Six Sentence Sunday - May 1

From Love Tattoo by Lee Ann Sontheimer Murphy:

My mouth became a conduit through which he poured his

emotions, turbulent as floodwaters, heated as summer lightning,

sweeter than fine wine, and wilder than a tiger prowling the Siberian

wilderness. Everything he felt packed that kiss with such power that

I thought I might break, that the weight and wonder of it all might

take me back down into darkness but as I floundered, I found that I

could take it all, hold it, and give back from my own depths all I felt

for him. Our exchange became a silent vow and we locked together

into one, together in a world of swirling confusion, a citadel where we

could be safe while the very force that assailed us beat against our


One kiss could not hold it all and he took me, still standing,

with all his might and strength. As we joined, I cried out at that

moment of impact. As he entered me, we fused and bonded into one

creature with two minds, two hearts, and two souls.
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  1. Hot stuff... it was just a kiss, right? LOL Nothing other than mouths touched, but this was so very sensual> Loved this six!

  2. Love this! Very sensual. Great job!

  3. Sexy, Sexy! Good job Lee Ann.

    All my best,
    Allure Van Sanz

  4. Oh, that's HOT!!!!


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