Saturday, May 14, 2011

Six Sentence Sunday May 15 - More From LOVE TATTOO

Happy Sunday once more!  We have six more sentences from LOVE TATTOO, this time from one of Will's snippets.  Most of the story is told in Cara's voice but we also get a little from Will Brennan and this is from one of those segments.

Soon we'll be having our six sentencs from the sequel, LOVE SCARS, coming next month from Evernight Publishing.  We'll also have some from KINFOLK, coming in July from Champagne Books that features a former Navy SEAL hero and a writer heroine.

For now, though, from LOVE TATOO:

Even that first night, in a hurry for something

quick, something temporary, she drew him as if he was a moth and
she the flame.

Even her name, so close to the Irish endearment that he used,
pleased him. It evoked a softness in him that opened the locked
rooms of his heart but to her alone. And her voice, her songs uplifted
him to heights he thought he might never reach again. A true
Irishman, he loved music but hers reigned above any other to him

She caused him to take risks.
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  1. this line- "she drew him as if he was a moth and she the flame." great 6
    Dawne P

  2. Great job! Truly...way to go.


  3. Great six. 'She caused him to take risks'. What a hook

  4. I love the poetry in the lines. Also, Irishmen. I want to read more!

  5. yummy--beautifully written!

  6. Love it, she sounds like quite a siren...drawing him in like that! Fab six, Lee Ann xx

  7. Gotta love those risk takers. Great six.


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