Friday, May 20, 2011

My Cover Art Collection (and still growing)

As an author, I have to admit that I adore cover art - the art on my books and on those written by others.

The day that I receive new cover art for an upcoming project is alway a happy one for me and the various artists who have designed my covers thus far are amazing in their perception of the story.

I present the six I have thus far - three more (for A Time To Love, The Marriage Cure, and Long Live The King) will be forthcoming in the future, not to mention the third Will and Cara book (Love Knots) and much more!

So here are some of my covers beginning with Wolfe's Lady

And next we have Love Tattoo:

Cover for the upcoming sequel Love Scars

Next comes Love Never Fails upcoming from Rebel Ink

The just received KINFOLK cover, my upcoming release from Champagne

And another Rebel Ink title, Witness Protection Program

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