Monday, May 2, 2011

Monday Tease from Love Tattoo

While I'm whiling the time until I receive the cover art and edits for Love Scars, the follow-up story to Love Tattoo, I'm sharing bits and pieces to tempt those who haven't tasted today's blog on this too-cold-for-May Monday will focus on my characters who populate both paranormal romances....

What began between us as physical attraction, a lightning bolt

of desire that smote me without warning on an early summer’s

morning morphed into much more than simple sexual gratification

somewhere along the way. Even at that beginning, I felt a merging of

things physical with emotional, body with heart but now that fusion

existed as the sole reality. I loved Will Brennan with every sense, in

all ways and I could no more deny that than my Texas heritage.
The setting of the story is primarily Memphis, one of my favorite cities on earth because of scenery like this....

 “The Peabody is too rich for my blood. Let’s go

ride the trolley.”

Memphis in the daylight offers a blended mixture of history

and beauty with a little touch of modern urban ugliness to keep civic

pride from vaulting over the top. Old Memphis – and I mean

downtown, Beale Street, and all that area – marches with a unique

style and I like it just fine. Memphis by night, however, rocks.

Darkness softens all the rough edges, erases any ugliness, and creates

a mood that evokes imagination. Nighttime Memphis delivers magic

and so when we boarded that vintage trolley car, I didn’t mind so

much that we were elbow to elbow with John Q. Public and his brood

because I sensed that our ride would be spectacular. With the moon

swollen to almost full, silver light bathed the city with an enchanted

charm. I loved it all but most of all, I adored the views of Old Man

River. The Mississippi impresses at any time with such wide water

and so much power.

Intrigued? Want more?  The first step is to read Love Tattoo available from Amazon, Evernight, Smashwords, All Romances and more....and then get ready for LOVE SCARS, coming soon from Evernight Publishing!

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